Still waiting

I went shopping with mom and dad yesterday to get some furniture for our house. We got lots of good deals at a place called Weekends Only. www.weekendsonly.com I browsed the website before and wondered if it would all be a bunch of junk because it is so cheap. Much to my surprise everything I bought was very nice and very cheap. YEH for being the bargain shopping that I am (most of the time).

Being with mom and dad for eight hours was a little exhausting but it was worth it and they were pretty well behaved.

This furnishing a house and getting everything all set up by myself is kind of a pain but I know that it will be more than worth it when Matt comes home and we can relax together.

My daddy and I are going to the house tonight. He is gonna do some stuff. Actually he has a whole list of stuff to do. I know I have mentioned before but my dad really is the best and I'm truly a daddy's girl. My dad can do plumbing, electric, and just about any handyman kind of work that I can think of. My dad also reminds me of Hank Hill when it comes to his yard. Tonight one of his missions is to spray the flower beds and kill the weeds. First thing dad did when we got back from shopping was grab an 18 pack of Old Mil and put in my fridge. So I believe I will keep it stocked for him as long as he keeps coming back to do things.

Only 59 more days untill Matt can leave the carwash state and come home for good.

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