I hate cancer

On Christmas Eve, a friend, of our's, Bill, that we know from the VFW wasn't feeling well. Over the course of the next week, he was sent from hospital to hospital. He eventually found out that he had cancer. It had started in his lungs and spread to his brain. He was only in his 50's.

He was put on steroids and went through some radiation. He came into the V twice since then when I was working. Instead of a Miller Lite he drank a Mt. Dew. He seemed to be doing relatively ok.

Last night, another guy, Lynn, that comes into the V called me and said he passed away. Yesterday he wasn't feeling well so Lynn took him to the doctor, as he has been since they found out he had cancer. The doctor sent him to the ER.

Lynn stayed with him until late in the afternoon. He told Bill he needed to go home to feed his dog and such and he'd be back between 6 and 7. As soon as Lynn got home, the hospital called and said he needed to come back. When he got back, he wasn't allowed to go in the room. About 5:30 the doctor came out and said Bill had passed away.

Bill didn't really suffer and he wasn't in a lot of pain over the last month. Bill was retired from the Army and a veteran of Desert Storm. Please keep him, his family, and friends in your thoughts.


You know your lame when....

Right now school is the most exciting part of my life so I thought I'd share some school stuff with you. School started last week. This semester I am taking Advanced Formatting, Business Law, and Managerial Accounting.

Managerial Accounting is online. The first week there was no review. I think I can pull off an A in this class. I am an accounting major so I better be able to.

Business Law is going to be the toughest one for me. I am supposed to have that class tonight but it snowed last night and it is still snowing. I'm praying for a snow day. I had to read 2 chapters for tonight. It was the most boring shit I've ever read. For real. I'd really like to get an A just to maintain my 4.0 but it seems rough. The only grades are tests.

Advanced Formatting is a joke. There are two girls that just got out of high school, two girls around my age, and the other 10 or so are all over 50. 30% of the grade is based on timed writings. 56 words per minute with 6 or fewer errors will get me an A+. I have to have 3 good ones all semester. So last night, we had two chances to get a good one. The first one I did, I took my time. I typed 66 wpm with zero errors. Since I already knew I had a good one, on the second one, I went balls to the wall. I was typing like a freaking maniac, dust was flying out of the keyboard, and people were looking at me like I was a mad woman. Please take a moment to visualize. I typed 77 wpm with 1 error. Yeah, I'm a badass like that.

The rest of the class is basically about formatting business letters and whatnot. If you have one error on the homework its a 75%, two errors 50%, 3 errors is 25 %, and 4 or more and you are fu screwed. I got 100% on both of the assignments I turned in last week.

The online "blackboard" for my school was down for 3 days. But luckily, I had printed a bunch of stuff off so I didn't get behind.

After this semester, I will officially be a college sophomore. And just think, it only took me 12 years!

Happy Thursday!


But on the bright side....

* We had a pretty relaxing weekend, for the most part. Friday night, I did some homework while Matt made soup. Which involved him asking every two minutes, "Now what?"

* Saturday night I worked.

* Yesterday we went to Menard's and got all the insulation we need for the garage. Matt had $300 worth of gift cards to Menard's from Christmas. So it didn't cost us that much. After I send in the rebate, it will have cost us $6.

* Speaking of Menard's, they don't offer a military discount anymore. Which sort of pissed me off. It's not like they are the cheapest place to go. According to some old lady working there, senior citizens were complaining that they don't get a discount so why should people in the military. Old people drive me nuts, seriously. Anyone can be old. Not everyone can be in the military. I'm guessing the same ones complaining are the same ones that have never worked a day in their life and are soaking up all the social security benefits that I'll never see. But, hey, that's a different story for a different place. I'm not going there here.

* Speaking of being pissed off, I haven't been able to log into my school website since Friday night. I have stuff that was due yesterday that didn't get submitted. And more stuff due this evening that who knows when I'll be able to submit. My online class would be a lot easier if I could actually get online to do it. I tried at least 200 times since Saturday morning.

* Oh the bright side, I lost all of my "holiday weight" in a week.

* If your new to my blog, please said hi I don't usually bite. I'd love to check out your blog too.

Happy Monday!


Facebook Funnies

It's once again time for "Facebook Funnies." Post all the weird, unusual, creepy, or funny statuses that make you go hmmmm! and then link back to here. Just don't use anyone's name, address, school, ect.

Feel free to grab the button.

Here we go...

- In the memo field of all your checks, write "FOR SEXUAL FAVORS"

Haha... I might try that sometime.

- gotta love it when u order food and have the delivery guy get u a pack of smokes on the way

I hope he at least gave him a good tip.

- saw a van that was covered in dirt & someone had written "I wish my wife was as dirty as this van". I wrote "she is.... when you are at work!"

I hope the person whose van this is didn't take it seriously.

- Back to schoo Back to schoo to prove to my wife im no foo

Written by my hubby. No shug, I don't think you are a foo.

- Damn "Storage Wars" because of you I am exhausted this morning! A&E your programming is like crack!

I don't know what crack is like, but I have to agree that A&E shows are very addicting.

- is making a new year's resolution to give one lucky homeless person a home... in my belly.

That's strange

- Believes he was just profiled and that's wrong... i feel violated... at least he had gentle hands

Yes, at least he had gentle hands

- once combined leftover Indian food w/eggs for breakfast. He built a car using only twigs, bottle caps, bull sperm and a coat hanger... all before noon.

How about that very being innovative.

- So I found out today that the "box cutter" I've been using for the last 4 years at work is actually a tool used for pig castration. I'm a little disturbed by that.

This one is from me and is a true story. I swear.

**Edit... I was asked to elaborate on the pig castration tool. ***

I started my job a little over 4 years ago. When I "moved in" there was, what I thought, a box cutter/letter open type of instrument in my desk drawer. I use it from time to time to open boxes and stuff.

Today my boss was trying to open a box and I told him that I had an opener. I busted out my "box opener."

He said, "You know what that thing is?"

I said, "yeah a box opener."

He said, "It's actually a tool we used to sell for pig castration."

I was all, "Nu uh? Are you serious?" He's not one to make stuff up just to get me going.

So I believe him when he said, "Yeah. It's probably 20 years old. The blades probably really dull"

I asked another lady that's worked here forever and she said it was the truth too.

The business I work for sells lawn & garden, pet, and agriculture supplies so, it's really not that far fetched. But I don't think I'll look at my "box opener" the same ever again.

**End Edit**

Please link up if you'd like to share.

Happy Thursday!


Busy and I like it

I don't know about you all but I was a busy girl this past weekend. Friday night, I bartended at the V. Saturday night, we had a steak super at the V and I volunteered to wait tables. I made $28 dollars in tips. It was nice to do something for a good organization.

When I got home Saturday night, I attempted to make angel food cupcakes. FAIL. So I had to wake up early Sunday to try again. This time I went with funfetti cupcakes. Much easier. I'm not sure what happend to the angel food ones. But they went flat. Sunday morning we had the ladies auxiliary lunch at the V. I took my cupcakes and went and helped with that.

After the lunch, I went to a bridal expo. You see, Matt and I are in a wedding in June. The bride is in the National Guard and she had drill over the weekend. She asked if I would go and being the sucker friend that I am, I said I would. It was hands down, the lamest thing I've ever done. Not my style at all. I'm lucky I didn't end up in a corner in the fetal position.

Matt was gone doing drill all weekend also. He received an award for the two weeks training he did over the summer. He has 6 months left in the Reserves. We are both looking forward to putting the Reserves behind us.

School started yesterday. I'm actually glad to be going again. I get bored easily. This semester I have two night classes and one online. I'm pretty pumped.

Matt is not near as enthused about school. His class is a couple nights a week, including Monday and Friday nights. The V has meetings on Monday nights so he won't be able to go to those. They also have fish frys on Fridays and he usually helps with the fish frys. He likes it. Most of the other guys that work there are 70 or older. The first time he helped one of them thought he was there to do community service. He was like, no I'm a member. All the old guys like him.

FYI... "Facebook Funnies" will be this Thursday.

Happy Tuesday!


No more muffin top

Today, I'm linking up with Shortmama @ Family of Shorts for her weekly weight loss link-up, "Journey from Muffin Top to Skinny Jeans".


Last year I jumped on the weight loss train on March 17th. By October 21, I had lost 22 pounds.

I pretty much ate whatever I wanted during December. And sat on the couch. A lot.

As of yesterday, I was still down 19 pounds from what I weighed last March. At the 19 pound mark, I have lost a little over 10% of my body weight. (Go ahead and do the math if you'd like.)

Am I happy about this? Hell yes I am.

Do I want to continue losing weight and feeling better? You bet your sweet tail I do.

This week the prompt is all about health goals for 2011. So for 2011, my goals are as follows,

1. Exercise. Ride my Gazelle 4-5 times a week. Work on the weekends.

2. Eat Healthier. For me, making baked fish, grilled chicken, or salad every night just isn't going to be an option. I mean, I could for me, but there is no way Matt would eat healthy every night. So if I can't eat healthy, I'll just have to eat less.

3. Soda. One of the main things I think that helped me lose the first 5-10 pounds was quitting drinking soda. Over the holidays, Pepsi became my friend again. That has to go. I've only had one this week. And that was only because work was totally lame and I was about to lose it.

4. No sweets. For me, this one isn't too hard. I'm not really big on sweets anyway. The only time I have a problem with them is when sales people bring them into the office, it usually seems like a good idea to have a cookie or doughnut for a mid morning snack. (This happened a lot over the holidays.) That's gotta stop.

As far as numbers go I would like to:

5. Lose 20 pounds by June 4th. (That equals .8333333 pounds per week.) Matt and I are both in a wedding this day. I want to look as close to smoking hot as humanly possible.

6. Lose another 10 pounds after that. Then keep it off. I know I'll never weight 110 pounds again, nor will I ever be a size 3 again. My hips and ass are too big for that.

Like Shortmama,

7. My ultimate goal is to be comfortable in my own skin and not have to worry about not being 110 pounds, or if my arms are a little flabby.

Happy Thursday!


Our New Year's Weekend

My weekend started on Wednesday evening. A co-worker from the V texted me Wednesday and said she was sick and wanted to know if I would work for her. Being the sucker I am So, I did. It was a pretty good time. I hadn't worked there in almost two weeks so it was nice to see everyone.

I had already planned on taking Thursday off and I actually got to sleep in. Matt texted me before I woke up but lucky for me, I had set my phone to alarm only. Sucker! When I woke up, I did 75% of my cleaning list and went and got groceries. At one point, I noticed it was strangely quiet. I went into the living room to see what the pups were doing. And this is what I found...

They were all being good. And this is the one and only picture I have of all of them.

Friday I cook my beer cheese soup and some meatballs. We had a small gathering Friday night. And by small I mean, 6 people showed up. 2 of which were my parents. I didn't really mind because the house was still clean and we had a ton of leftovers after the party. Which, in turn, meant that I didn't have to cook or clean the rest of the weekend. Matt was disappointed though.

Here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure....

Our little party animals. Ozzy went home with Grandma because he's kind of grouchy around strangers.

Matt and I.

Mr. Vinnie and I

Matt and Mr. Vinnie. Even Mr. Vinnie has some beads on. Don't worry, we didn't leave them on him very long.

Today I didn't want to come to work, I must have told Matt that about 10 times on the way here. However, when I got here the HR lady gave me this:

You see, I used to get paid every Friday. The company I work for is switching to a two week pay period. So this Friday, we won't get a check. This $100 is a cash bonus to "help with the transition". I saw no fine print saying it was a cash advance. I didn't really care about the switch but a lot of people are pretty bent out of shape about it.

Hope you are all having a fantastic Monday!