New name for my blog???

I have decided that my blog's name sucks. I am open to any and all suggestions. Please and thank you!!!


Not a happy camper

I am in a very foul mood already this morning. I woke up to my mom saying "Your car is buried and if you want me to bring you to work I am leaving in 5 minutes." 5 minutes? It takes me longer than that to wake up. I told her just to go. So I go to the garage and look out the window to access the situation. Yeah it's buried. I got ready for work in near record time and began to shovel snow from around my car. Then some a-hole comes and plows the locker driveway next door. (There driveway and ours are connected) The owner's deceased father and my dad were really close and attached are driveways to make things easier for both of them. Not only did this a-hole watch me try to dig my little car out of a huge snow pile but he plowed all the snow from their driveway into our driveway. I ended up throwing the snow shovel at the garage and called my daddy crying to come pick me up. I only work two blocks from our house and my dad works in town too so it wasn't a big deal.

I HATE SNOW!!! I HATE LITTLE CARS IN SNOW!!! I LOVE MY DADDY!!! I'm thinking now maybe I should have let Matt get a tractor like he wanted. Then I could have plowed my car out. That would have been tuff!!! I'm supposed to get our taxes done on my lunch but unless I start walking now I don't think that's gonna happen.

Lesson of the day: Little sports cars and a foot of snow don't mix well.


My first day of school

I am thinking that this school thing may be a little harder than I had originally aniticipated. I had my first class last night. I am only taking one class, well on top of working two jobs. It is Comp I and I thought it would be no problem. In my class are meatheads, cheerleaders, a church pastor and a girl from Spain. Our teacher, well let me just say that I am going to stay on her good side. I might invest in a box of chocolates for her or she was drinking starbucks so maybe I'll find out what she likes from there. She said to think of her as Napoleon. Great! She informed us that we would be writing 10 papers this semester. TEN. I mean I knew I would have to write some papers but ten. I was thinking 2 or 3 at the most. Not only do I have to write ten essays but I had to write one last night, on the first night. Does this all seem like a little much? My head hurt when I left there. It's not like I don't think I can do this its just that it seems like a lot of work on top of working two jobs. I want to get an A in every class that I take and I'm thinking that may be a challenge. I have to read two chapters out of an english book and some essay before I go back. Thank god next monday is Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday.



I start school in a week. I am going on Monday nights from 6:30 to 9:30. I am really excited which is weird cause I hated school before. I got a matching notebook and folder last night and some neat pens. I know, I'm a dork. Now all I need is a nifty little bag. I hope all the kids in my school like me and my teacher isn't too mean. :)

Latest Happenings

Matt left to go back to Seattle yesterday. Words can not even begin to describe how much fun we had while he was home. Christmas was good. We went to a ton of family things and still managed to miss a few. Whooops. I got a new pink digital camera and it rocks!!! Thanks honey!!! We helped all the local bar owners with their revenue during the holiday season. It was nice to be off work from Friday's for two weeks, however, I am dreading going back. I was thinking about looking for a different second job but that almost sounds like too big of a pain. It sucks sending Matt off again but this time we were together was very fulfilling and made me once again realize why I married him. Only 39 days till we will be together again.