On pregnancy, so far.

Thanks for all your well wishes and congrats on my last post!

A lot of people have asked me how I've felt.  Well, the truth is I've felt fine.  I haven't been sick at all.  I have been tired and somewhat grouchy.  But I think I haven't been as tired this week.  This week is week 12.  "They" say around this time I should start feeling better/having more energy.  

I've been eating a lot.  I don't really think it's because I'm hungry either.  I think it's more or less just something to do.  I figure that when you are pregnant, it's okay to look pregnant.  And don't tell me that I'm going to have to lose all the weight I gain either.  Because honestly, I don't care about that right now.  When the baby comes, I'll probably be too busy to eat anyway.

People have been getting on my nerves a lot.  For example, a lady I work with has a step-daughter that has a kid with one guy and is pregnant by another.  She doesn't work or go to school.  I think she's 21, barely.  First of all, her being pregnant and me being pregnant are not the same, in my opinion.  

Well anyway, this lady asked me something about being pregnant.  I answered.  And then she proceeds to tell me how huge her step-daughter as gotten.   I told her if anyone called me huge, I'd snap.  Then she asks me about my jeans fitting. I kinda lost it a little.  I said that no, most of them don't fit anymore.  Then I started crying, went back to my office, and shut the door.  People are dumb.  Is it really anyone's business if my jeans fit or not?  I didn't say to her when she quit smoking, "Hey, you sure are turning into a lardass."  In retrospect, maybe I should have.  Maybe I'm just being an emotional drama queen but really, are people dumb or what?

I now suffer from Can't Remember Shit Syndrome.

I've also decided that if anyone decides it's cool for them to touch my stomach, I'll snap. And I mean it.

According to my phone, (I'm Expecting app) Baby Button is about 2.5 inches.   How cute!

My doctor's appointment was cancelled last week because the doctor was delivering a baby.  So I had to reschedule this Friday.  I have a list of questions.

Last but not least, my mom got her new venture set up.  Here is a link to her facebook page.  She will be specializing in handmade baby items.  We need to get her a etsy shop or something set up still.  She already got invited to be a part of a craft fair here.  So she's been super busy trying to get stuff ready for that.  She seems super excited and I'm happy for her.

Hope you all have a great week!


I've been keeping a secret

I don't really know how to beat around this bush and tell you my secret so I'll just come out and tell you.

I'M PREGNANT.  As in 11 weeks pregnant.  

I don't really know how it happened, I mean I know how it happened but I didn't think it would happen.  

TMI alert - I never had my period after I had a miscarriage.  I peed on a stick before we went camping at my grandpas, which would have been about the time I should have had my period.  I didn't pee a lot though.  It said I wasn't pregnant.

So I didn't think anymore about it until a month or so later when I still hadn't had a period.  So I took another test and it said I was pregnant.  Unless it was the immaculate conception, I knew the date and I was 7 weeks at the time.  (Vacation. Scamper. Just in case your wondering.) 7 weeks was a lot farther than I made it the first time.

I had blood work done.  Everything looked good except my progesterone was a little low.  But they gave me some pills to take for that.

I didn't get in to see the doctor until last Wednesday.  And actually I just saw the nurse.  She didn't really tell me a lot.  Except not to eat a lot of bologna, by the way I hate bologna, and some other random stuff. She didn't try to find a heartbeat or anything.

Anyway, I pretty much demanded to know more.  I was still pretty scared at this point and still am actually because of what happened the last time.  So she scheduled me an appointment for last Friday for a sonogram.

Matt took off work and went with me.  We saw the baby.  It was moving.  And it's heart was beating.  And it has two hands and two feet.  It's head is a little big but everyone says it's supposed to be and that it will grow into it.  But big head or not, we are thrilled and trying to stay optimistic.  The nurse thinks I'm due May 7th.

I'm sharing this on Talk to us Tuesday hosted by Impulsive Addict and Shawn

I go to the doctor Friday and I'm hoping he will tell us that everything should be okay.  If you pray, please say a prayer for Baby Button. 


Talk to us Tuesday - Randomnessism Edition

I've decided to link-up with Impulsive Addict and Shawn for Talk to us Tuesday again.  Why?  Because it's awesome and  I can talk about whatever I want.

*  We went camping this past weekend.  The weather was perfect.   We went to some friends of my parent's campground.  They are all animal lovers, so that was nice.  The pups got to run wild.  They had a blast.  When we got home Sunday, we all crashed.

*  I'm so over fooseball already.  Some of you may not know this about me, but I HATE football.  I don't understand it.  I think it's dumb and I think it makes people act dumb.  I've already blocked two people from my Facebook feed because that's all they ever post about.

*  On the other hand, GO CARDINALS!  We are big Cardinals fans and I honestly I'm surprised they made it this far.

*  School sucks.  I feel like I'll never get done.  Although, I only have 6 classes left. I'm seriously lacking in the motivation department this semester. 

*  My mom is going to start a new business venture.  I'm super pumped about helping her out with that.  I'll share more details soon.

*  That's about all I have.  Hope you all have a great week!  Who knows, maybe you'll hear from me again before the week is over.