Christmas Recap

Christmas eve I woke up early and made two cheese balls. The recipe said the prep time was 10 minutes. 10 minutes, my ass. More like an hour. It was a mess. I told Matt if anyone complained about them I was throwing them out the patio doors.

After the cheese ball gate 2010, we took a nap. After our nap, we got ready and went to Matt's parents house. The best way for me to have a good time at the in-laws is to drink wine. And drink wine I did. After the gathering at the in-laws, we stopped by my parents. My brother's girlfriend has other places to be Christmas morning so we always exchange gifts with her on Christmas eve.

Christmas morning we woke up and exchanged gifts with each other and the pups. No surprises as far as our gifts went. I got us each new socks and underwear. I bought myself a new day planner. Very exciting. Little Vinnie got some tennis balls and a toy. Ozzy got a blanket and a toy. And Miss Princess got a jacket and a blanket.

Then we went over to my parent's house to open gifts. All 3 pups went with us. I got new dishes, a gas card, and some perfume that I wanted. Matt and I both got Cardinals stocking caps. Matt is wearing his below. Matt got a ton of Menard's cards and a hooded sweatshirt. And a deep fryer.

Then we left all the pups at mom's with her two dogs and went to my uncle's for my dad's side of the family's party. It's always a good time. We got there around 1 pm and began drinking immediately.

Don't worry though, I stuck with beer until around 6.

Drunken bingo started at 3 pm. Everyone always has a good time with bingo. This year my mom and my uncle, who is my godfather, couldn't seem to win a game to save their lives. So they were a little bitter.

This picture is of most of my older cousins and our significant others. Notice the socks Matt is wearing. He won those during drunken bingo. And he bought the reindeer tie as a joke to wear.

This pictures is of my reester and I.

After Christmas at Uncle Loaded's we went to the bar. Needless to say, I didn't make it very long until I went back to mom's. Matt came back there later and we all stayed the night there.

Oh and about the cheese balls, no one bitched. One of my aunts even asked for my recipe.

Sunday we were supposed to go to Matt's mom's family Christmas but we didn't feel well so we went home and took a nap.

I'm taking Thursday off work. I have vacation days to burn. Friday night I believe we are going to have a New Year's get together at our house.

I'm going to wait until after the new year to do another "Facebook Funnies".

Hope you all had a great Christmas and a very Happy New Year!


All over the place

- We had my mom's side of the family's Christmas this past Saturday. A good time was had by all.

- Sunday we did close to nothing. Mom and Dad came over. Dad and Matt put up a storm door with a doggy door between the house and the attached garage. The first storm door they put up a couple months ago took them around like 6 hours to do. This one took an hour and a half. They are thinking about doing storm door installation together. But only if they can drink beer while they are hanging them.

- The pups are kind of on a diet. Before we got Miss Princess, the boys had food sitting out for them all day everyday. They run around enough that they don't get fat. They both actually got moistened puppy food in the mornings to help keep weight on them. Miss Princess took advantage of having food sitting out all day. She has gotten a little chunky. She even needs help getting on the couch. So now the pups all get breakfast, moistened puppy food for the boys and moistened adult food for Miss Princess. And then they get dinner in the evenings. Everyone seems to be adjusting well.

- Yesterday was my daddy's birthday. He turned 32 for the 19th time.

- I got my grades the other day. I got all A's again this semester so I still have a 4.0. Matt did very well in his classes too.

- I don't have all my Christmas shopping done. I still need to get two gift cards and a gift for Matt's brother.

- I have a ton of other errands to run before Christmas too. Hair tonight. Eye appointments tomorrow. Miss Princess has to get her hair done Thursday. Need to get to the grocery store. Blah blah blah.

- I need a good cheese ball recipe. Soon. One without 5,000 ingredients that I don't know what the hell they even are have. Please help.

- We still have 5 Christmas gatherings to attend. The good news is that I'm pretty sure I have Matt talked into running away next Christmas. We're thinking Texas.

- I'm not sure if I'll blog again before Christmas. Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and that Santa finds you all!


Facebook Funnies

It's once again time for "Facebook Funnies." Post all the weird, unusual, creepy, or funny statuses that make you go hmmmm! and then link back to here. Just don't use anyone's name, address, school, ect.

Feel free to grab the button.

Here we go...

- It's one of those days that you want to make a tinfoil Viking helmet, stand in the corner with a broken broomstick and threaten everyone in a bad German accent.

Hmmm... I've never wanted to do that exactly. I'm having a hard time even making a mental image of this.

- lets see here....i agreed to meet you to talk....we are sitting at denny's eating and you say i slept with you.....so I DECKED YOU IN THE FACE!!!!sorry but you had it coming!!!!think about that....

Well how about that for putting it all out there.

- Sometimes I feel the fear of uncertainty stinging clear, and I can't help but ask myself how much I'll let the fear take the wheel and steer, It's driven me before and seems to have a vague, haunting mass appeal, But lately I'm beginning to find that I should be the one behind the wheel. Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be here with open arms and open eyes.

Fun fact... this is the first song I ever learned to play from beginning to end. It's an Incubus song.

- so I told this guy, if you ever touch me there again imma call the cops.....

The odd thing about this one is it was posted by a guy.

- I wanna see everybody with cats for profile pics, for lupus or some shit

I like when people make fun of all the dumb following along crap.

Here's a thought to ponder, why is that snow scrapers never work but a credit card or gift card works great? Why don't they make scrapers out of credit cards?
That's actually a great question.

- Is NOT the guy your momma warned you about. Your momma didn't have this much imagination!

No wonder this guy is single.

- Neil Diamond was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. Did I miss something? Alice Cooper okay but Neil Diamond? Maybe they need a light rock hall of fame.
I agree.

I saved the best for last for you:

Corporate America, Insurance companies, and Third Party Insurance Claims Department and all you other run-around jerks: here's a little Christmas jingle from me to you (to the tune of Jingle bells): Kiss myyyyy @ass, kiss my @ss, kiss my naked @ass. Pee on you and poo poo too and have a crappy day! hey!

How's that for some Christmas spirit. Bahaha.

Now it your turn! Post your statutes, link up, and come back to see the other.


I was Tagged

I was tagged by Britt Dill @ Tales From a Sailor's Soul Mate to do this little survey. Basically, I just have to list four of different things about me.
  • Four shows you watch.
    • Survivor
    • Pawn Stars
    • Judge Judy
    • Intervention
  • Four things you are passionate about
    • My hubby of course
    • My immediate family
    • The pups
    • Doing well in school
  • Four phrases you say a lot.
    • I know, right? (Me too)
    • Don't be supid (pronounced: suu-pid)
    • No, no, no! (To the pups)
    • Are you f-ing kidding me
  • Four things you learned from the past.
    • Don't settle for less than you deserve
    • Make sure to enjoy a little "me" time every now and then
    • Change is not always bad
    • Friends will come and go
  • Four places you would like to go.
    • Alaska
    • Oregon
    • Florida
    • Alaska
  • Four things you did yesterday.
    • Worked
    • Went to lunch with Matt
    • Scheduled a hair appointment
    • Sat on the couch and watched some TV (hey it was Monday, no need to do too much)
  • Four things you're looking forward to.
    • Christmas being over
    • Having a party on New Years
    • Finishing school
    • Owning our home
  • Four things you love about winter.
    • Staying home on the (some) weekends
    • Putting up the Christmas tree
    • drinking coffee
    • snuggling with the pups
Now for the four lovely blogs I am tagging...

McDancing Through Life
{Mis}Adventures of an Army Wife
Life as "Lucy"
Splendidly Domestic



I've been pretty craptastic at blogging lately. Mostly because not much has been going on.

I took one final last Thursday. I probably would have got a B in the class even if I didn't show up for the final. I have another final this Thursday. I guess I should probably start studying.

Matt had drill this past weekend. For reason I can't disclose, we are both getting pretty fed up with this Reserves stuff. I guess it's better than taking our chances with IRR but it's a far cry from active duty.

Friday night I started feeling sick. Between Friday night and Sunday morning I took around 20 vitamins trying to boost my immune system and beat the sickness. Sunday I woke up and thought I was going to die.

Saturday night I worked and after work it snowed. Sunday, I called my mom and whined told her I felt like garbage. Mommy and Daddy drove through a blizzard (about 20 miles) to bring me some Vicks, Benedryl (or however you spell it), Kleenex's, chapstick, Vapor Inhaler, more vitamins, chicken broth, and some throat spray. Because you know, I'm not spoiled or anything.

Matt's Commander was threatening to make them all stay over night because the weather was so bad. But, thankfully he got to come home.

I suck at driving when the roads are bad. I'm paranoid as a crackhead about it. I drive like a 90 year old man when there are 3 snowflakes. And my car needs new tires. So needless to say, Matt will be driving me around until the Spring.

I am feeling a little better today. I managed to drag my sorry butt to work. I hate calling in. I'm trying my best to avoid everyone today.

FYI... I'll be posting "Facebook Funnies" Thursday or Friday.

Happy Monday!


Auxiliary and such

I was going to give you a weekend recap but honestly I can't even remember what the heck we did. *Thinking* Oh ok, I took Vinnie to see Santa. And Saturday night we had the hubby's work Christmas party. So we now have 1 of around 10 parties under our belt. It was a descent time. They hand out $100 bills so that's always good.

Monday evening Matt had class and I went to my first VFW Ladies Auxiliary Meeting. I joined a couple of months ago but haven't been able to attend a meeting until now. Okay, that's a lie. I haven't had the motivation to go to a meeting until now. Matt joined the VFW around April ish and I joined the Auxiliary around October.

It wasn't too bad. Our Auxiliary has Sunday lunches once in awhile and I will help with those. I definitely think they need, how do I put this, some younger, fresher opinions. Besides one lady, I was the youngest one there by around 40 years.

What I am getting at here is that WE need to join or the Auxiliary will be no more. Also, our husbands need to join the VFW or the VFW will be no more.

By we and our I mean all of my readers who are the spouse, sister, daughter, or granddaughter of someone who has served in a foreign war. The VFW does lot of things for Vets and many other organizations. I also know for a fact that the older member get a kick out of seeing younger people like Matt and I at their meetings.

It cost me $20 for a year membership. Next year, I will sign up for a lifetime membership and I believe it is around $200. They also have scholarship opportunities for members and it looks great on a resume.

So, if you get a chance, look into it.

Oh and Matt found out Monday night that he got a 97% on his test last week! Best grade in the class. I'm super proud of him.

Happy Wednesday!


Vinnie's first Christmas

Yesterday I took Vinnie to see Santa. Santa was at the Humane Society here. Vinnie got his picture take with Santa, they emailed me the pics, and I have an ornament of him to pick up Monday.

I think the Humane Society is a great organization. So this was a perfect reason to give them a donation.

I didn't bring either or the other pups because I don't think that's really either of their "thing". Ozzy got his picture taken with Santa once when he was little and he wasn't a fan.

Little Vinnie did a really good job. Even though he's nuts and loves to play, he's my snuggler. He sat real good on Santa's lap. Santa really like him and I think he wanted to keep him.

I did tell Santa that Vinnie tears up all his toys and gets stuffing all over the floor some times. And that he likes to chew on his sister's ear. And that he doesn't like to share toys. Vinnie looked at me like, "Gee mom, you're a snitch."

Here are a few pictures of Vinnie with Santa.


Facebook Funnies

Today is the second edition of "Facebook Funnies". Link up with a post of all the funny, unusual, stupid statuses that you find on facebook. The only thing I ask is don't use anyone's actual name, location, school, ect.

Feel free to grab the button.

Big thanks to Jess at Just a Geek Named Jess for making this button for me!

- what a blah day think im gonna go for a walk in through the woods and let my mind take a break

Someone posted this the first day of deer season. Not a very bright idea if you ask me.

- thinks if facebook was anymore addicting, people would be trying to snort the letters off their computer screen!

Isn't that the truth!

- The unthinkable has happened... brace yourselves.... IM ENGAGED!!!!!!

This is kind of the unthinkable. This girl is a man-eater. But, if she's happy, I'm happy for her.

- is pretty sure he left the house this morning without brushing his teeth, my apologies "everybody I come into contact with today"

Gross. And why would you post that?

- likes his popcorn slightly burnt

This one is for my girl Mimi. I found this one the day after she posted about liking her popcorn slightly burnt. I do too.

- is poking the Facebook version of a quickie?

I'd say so.

- Remember my name.. you will be putting it on the restraining order later ;)

That's just creepy.

- thinks it's best to listen to what your body tells you. I asked my body if it wanted to work out today and it told me, "Listen here fatty, do it and die."

I would love to adopt this policy.

- ...never lick a cactus, it's not as fun as it looks.

Licking a cactus has never appealed to me.

- I was late for work this morning because there was a cow running around the road. They are faster than you would think.

I'd like to say that I've heard it all now but unfortunately this kind of thing can happen around here.

- Ok I'm getting really tired of you stupid little girls that keep wanting to get in my business when its not yours to begins with. You want to keep being immature, go ahead. You're making no one look stupid but yourself. This is not your life so stay out.

Then stop putting all your business on facebook.

Now it's your turn. Link up and come back to see what everyone else posts. The more people that link up, the funner this will be.

FYI... I'm planning on doing this every other week either on Thursday or Friday. So the next one will be 12-16 or 12-17.


Weekend recap & Xmas decorations

We had a great Thanksgiving. I ate too much. Although, yesterday I stepped on the scale and it said I didn't gain any weight. Uhhhh, we'll go with that.

My friend makes cakes and stuff on the side and she made this for me to take to my grandparents. It's a turkey made out of cupcakes. Funfetti cupcakes. My favorite. They were awesome.

Here is a group of misfits at grandma's. Bottom - my brother and his girlfriend. Top - the hubs, me, my reester, and her man friend.

Here's the boys enjoying one of the last nice days of the year, most likely. They pretty much act like this all the time outside.

Friday night I worked. It was a descent time.

Saturday I put up the tree and Matt hung up the lights outside. You can find picture of the outside lights and stuff here. They pretty much look the same this year as last.

I did add some new stuff to the tree this year. I got the silver ribbons on it on clearance last year after Christmas for like 2 bucks.

I ordered an ornament for each of the pups a month or so ago.

Here's Ozzy's

And Mr. Ozzy himself

Princess's ornament

Miss Princess

Vinnie's ornament

Little Vinnie

And no, it wasn't easy to get any of them to sit in front of the tree so that I could take a picture.

Sunday we skipped the family thing we were supposed to go to, laid around, and did homework.

Oh and if you recently started following my blog, please leave a comment so I can check your blog out. For some reason, it won't let me go to your blog from my list of followers. Please and thank you.

Hope you all had a great weekend and ate a ton of goodies!

*** "Facebook Funnies" will probably be Thursday or Friday this week. I have some good ones. ***


Happy Thanksgiving!

Today we get to relax until later this afternoon. No matter how much I complain about having to run here and run there I am thankful for the good in my life.

Here's a list of what I'm thankful for today:

1. My husband. Life would be boring without him.

2. Our pups. Yeah, they are brats sometimes but I am thankful for each of them in their own way.

3. Our house. We have a place to live and it's cute.

4. Our jobs. Times is tough and I'm glad that we both have jobs and are able to pay our bills.

5. My family. They are supportive of Matt and I and are crazy enough to keep me entertained.

6. Education. I'm thankful that we can afford for me to go to school.

7. Our health. Pretty self explanatory.

8. Our savings. We both worked hard to save money. I'm glad we have this to fall back on if we need it.

9. My part-time gig. I like to stay busy and I'm glad I have something else to do once in awhile.

10. My friends. Both in real life and in the bloggy world. Thanks for all your support.

Hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!


New 'do

I got my hair colored yesterday. I've never went completely black before. I have been bleach blonde, every shade of brown imaginable, and I think even red once.

Here's my color yesterday. This is a couple shades darker than my natural color. Please excuse the pony tail and lack of make-up. I woke up 10 minutes before I usually leave for work.

Here is today. I like it. I think I can pull it off for the winter. Matt thinks it is super sexy. And the pups just thought it smelled funny last night.

What do you think?

Today is pretty much like a Friday for me! Yay!


Just a quick update

This weekend was a pretty descent one for me. Friday after work, I went and did a little retail therapy. Saturday morning I cleaned like a mad woman. Saturday evening I worked. Matt did NOT kill a deer this weekend.

Sunday evening, I called the cops on the little neighbor kid again. We bought our house last June. We didn't move in until August. Between June and August a BB hole had appear in front picture window. We finally got the window replaced on Veteran's Day. $800.

The neighbor kid across the street and the another kid that lives behind us and down the alley a little bit run around together. Both of their parents are losers and have been in trouble with Johnny Law before. Well Sunday they were out shooting their BB guns together, after dark, with no parental supervision. So, I called Johnny Law. By the time he showed up, the kids were gone.

But I explained to him what had happened. And that last time I called the law they were there for about 30 seconds and did nothing. This cop was pretty cool and said to call if I saw them out shooting again. I told him not to worry about that, I would. I've never been one for snitching but when our shit gets broke, it's a different story. Not to mention, if one of them shot one of my dogs, I'd come unglued.

Tonight, I'm getting my hair colored black in honor of my holiday spirit this year. Then I have to take a test online.

After tomorrow, I'm off work for 4 days. I'm pretty stoked about that. Although, I do have 6 chapters of Accounting to teach myself before the end of the semester. The teacher moves at a turtle's pace and I need to know the stuff we aren't covering for my next accounting class. Oh and the bookstore won't let me keep my book past the end of the semester.

Happy Tuesday!


If I'm really good

When I think of the perfect holiday scenario, I think of being able to relax and enjoy a few extra days off work. Last year, I almost lost it. Thanksgiving and Christmas were spend running here and running there and staying at get togethers for an hour so that we could run to the next one.

I don't want to sounds unappreciative of the fact that we get to be near our families. I know some of you don't have that option.

Matt and I both have large extended families. My mom has 2 sisters and 3 brothers. My dad has 7 brothers and 2 sisters. Matt's mom has 11 siblings and his dad has 10 I believe.

This year, for Thanksgiving alone, we have 5 places we are supposed to be at in three days. For Christmas last year we went to 8 different gatherings, including work parties.

When is the relaxing part supposed to take place?

The other day, I had an epiphany. Next year, I want to run away during Christmas. Go on vacation. Somewhere warm. We don't have kids. This could be done.

I texted Matt and told him my idea. He said I'd have to be real good until then. That includes, acting like I'm having a good time when we are going 15,876 places in the next 6 weeks. (I'm not the most social creature.)

Here's to dreaming.....


Facebook Funnies

Today is the first edition of "Facebook Funnies". Link up with a post of all the funny, unusual, stupid statuses that you find on facebook. The only thing I ask is don't use anyone's actual name, location, school, ect.

Feel free to grab the button.

Big thanks to Jess at Just a Geek Named Jess for making this button for me! I absolutely love it and I appreciate it! Please check out her blog too.

Here we go:

- finds that when he is covered in urine, it is seldom his own

The odd thing about this one is that the guy that posted it has no kids.

- I am amazed by the trash on facebook. Seriously folks this isnt MySpace.

I couldn't have said it better myself.

- deer camp. cold beer and dead deer

This is is from my husband. Please no dead deer, please no dead deer, please no dead deer.

- Kids in the back seat cause accidents, but accidents in the back seat cause kids

Yes, sometimes they do.

- has learned two things from his bewildering trial of ordeals over the past 3 days. One, that when it rains it pours. Two, that the only way to truly get what you want is through cruel and relentless deception.

Oddly enough, I don't totally disagree with the cruel and relentless deception part of this.

- I wish there was a new standard option on cars that allowed you to aim, point, text the car in front of you and tell them to get the F out of the way Grandpa!

I'd definitely buy a phone that did that.

- If a canoe tips over in your front yard and all four wheels fall off. How long would it take a monkey with a wooden leg to kick all the seeds out of a pickle?


- I gotta a call from a charity asking me to donate my clothes to starving people. I said, "If my clothes fit those people then they are NOT starving!"

Hahaha... I feel you on that one.

- what the @#$%... [dog] has cotton thread coming out of her bum. She must have eaten it when I was sewing last week. Tried pulling it out but it was obviously uncomfortable so cut off as much as I could and going to wait for nature... About a metre length so far!

The funny part of this one is that I have had to do the same thing.

- Today, I'm thankful for prophylactics & artificial insemination.

Yes, I guess those are good things to be thankful for.

- Who can cut designs in a faded haircut? Obviously noone around here is up to date enough lol

Who the hell would want a "design" cut into their hair?

- went to walmart tonight & at the courtsey counter there was an older lady there saying they charged her to much on tax & walmart owed her .07 cents..what?

It's Wal-Mart. What do you expect?

Now it's your turn. Link up and come back to see what everyone else posts. The more people that link up, the funner this will be.



is the first edition of my facebook status link up. I'll be posting sometime before 9 A.M. central time.

I hope you have all been saving some good ones!

Happy Hump Day!


My husband... the hunter

Deer hunting is a big thing around here. Most guys do it. It's a time for going to a cabin, waking up at the ass crack of dawn, freezing in a tree stand all day, maybe killing something, drinking a bunch of beer, scratching of themselves, gossiping like women, and doing it all over again the next day.

This year is the first year since before he was in the Army that Matt will be able to go deer hunting. I don't mind him being gone to go. Maybe I'll be able to get the house cleaned. Maybe I'll be able to throw some stuff away.

I just hope he doesn't kill one. We don't have enough room in the freezer for this deer meat he speaks of. We are going to buy a new fridge this spring for the house and move the house one to the garage. But, I wanted to wait until the spring to do this. Our savings account needs a break. I don't want to buy a small freezer either.

I do NOT eat deer meat. And I'm not knocking anyone that does. It's just not for me.

** Side story ** Once when I was just a wee little girl. Maybe 10 or so. My daddy made some meatloaf. He kept making comments about how good it was. We were all eating and someone found a hair in it. Then mom bit into a piece of a bullet. I believe some curse words escaped her mouth. Something along the lines of what the hell is this. He fessed up that it was deer burger. Since then, no deer meat for this girl.

So, if he kills a deer, guess who he thinks is going to be cooking deer burger and deer chops. Yeah, me. Uhhhh.... no.

So, I believe I'm going to pray that he forgets about the deer while he's hunting and sticks to the beer because in the long run an extra case of beer over the weekend will be cheaper and less smelly. Do you know how bad deer meat smells when it is being dehydrated into jerky. I do. It's horrible.

** Side note ** Did you know that he has to get a FOID (Firearms owners identification or something) card just to have a gun? Wouldn't you think a military ID would be sufficient? I don't know if this is an Illinois thing or a national thing. But I do know that Illinois gun laws are super strict.


Wait what time is it?

- It seems that everyone loved my "Facebook Statuses" post. I'm thinking about making this like my own little thing. With a link up thing and everything. If someone would like to make me a button, please let me know. I've heard that a drunk monkey could do the link deal so I'm hoping I can. So if you'd like to link up, save some of your favorite statuses and I'll be posting later this week.

- Friday after work, we went and had a few drinks to celebrate Matt passing his first class. It was a rough class and according to him the teacher was an idiot. Matt even said one time that he "wanted to kick him in the ****".

- Matt had drill this weekend. I worked Saturday night and Sunday morning. I got little to nothing done at the house. I made a pot of vegetable soup Sunday before I went to work, while being confused about the time the whole morning. I woke up at 8 ish. Next thing I know I looked at the clock on the stove and it said 9:45. I thought, damn I'm moving slow this morning. Turn my computer on and it's 8:45. Later on I was in the living room and the clock said 10:30. I thought, damn I need to start getting read for work. Get a text and it's 9:30. Sometimes, I'm not the brightest crayon in the box.

- I emailed CBS this morning. I'm upset because every Sunday the Amazing Race and Undercover Boss get pushed back because the damn fooseball games take too long. I've been threatening to do this for the last couple weeks. Matt told me I wouldn't do it. In the email, I told them it was almost 10:30 before I went to sleep last night and now I have a headache today. My suggestion was to move those shows to Tuesdays because I don't have any shows to watch that night. So if they move them, you'll know why.

- So now it's Monday, I have a headache, still confused about the time, the house is a mess not up to my standards, and I have homework to do. Happy Monday!


Award and Questions

Forever ago, I was tagged by the Annoyed Army Wife to answer some questions.

So here we go:

1. What side of the bed do you sleep on?

I always sleep on the side farthest away from the door.

2. Do you have an alarm clock that you can dock your iPod in? If so, which one and do you like it?
No I have a $10 alarm clock that I only use to look at the time. I use my cell phone's alarm for my alarm clock.

3. Should I get an iPhone when my contract expires on my current phone (in less than a week)?
I wouldn't because I'm at a computer all day. I'm not really into all those fancy gadgets either. But if you think it would make your life more enjoyable or add some convenience, then go for it.

4. What's your favorite cookie to bake, if you bake?
I haven't made cookies in forever. But I love no-bake cookies but I guess that probably doesn't count as baking.

5. What's the most annoying noise in the world to you?
Slurping, hands down.

6. Who was the first person to break your heart?

Oh, some asshat.

7. What time do you wake up in the morning usually?
6:20 a.m. and then snooze until around 6:35.

8. What time do you normally go to bed?

I go to bed around 9 p.m. and usually fall asleep around 10 p.m. Lame I know.

Then, I received this award from
Erin at Every Branch. Thanks for the award!

1. Thank and link back to who gave you the award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass it along to blogs you've recently discovered and enjoyed.
4. Leave the recipients a note telling them about the award.

So let's see.... 7 things about myself....

1. This semester is boring the crap out of me. I have a 98% in one class and a 96% in the other.

2. I'm not looking forward to Christmas this year. It's mostly the financial aspect of it that I hate. It's just a lot of money to spend on stuff that people don't really appreciate that much anyway.

3. In the last 12 years, every job I've had I've worked for at least 5 years or I'm still working at.

4. I like to look up the most random stuff online. Yesterday, I was looking at personalized ornaments for the pups.

5. Eyebrows are the first thing I notice on a person.

6. Sometimes I call Matt "shug" like Nancy Gribble says on King of the Hill. The pups are "lil shugs".

7. Last night I made stuffed green peppers for supper. They are Matt's favorite.

I'd like to pass this along to:

Ashely @ Life as Lucy
Sarah @ My life with out my soldier
The Young Army Wife @ The Young Army Wife's Life
Kayla @ Life Captured


Facebook Statuses

The following are facebook status's I've been collecting for your viewing pleasure. I rarely update my status on there because I don't want people to know my business and I don't want to sound like an idiot. The bold entries are the statuses I found. (Well some are bold. I don't have time to mess around with the formatting all day.) The rest is my commentary. If you all like this I might start doing it regularly. Enjoy!
-- does not know how to make pancakes without an oven

That's odd because I don't know how to make pancakes in the oven.

Two whole days without my baby, this sucks

Cry me an f'ing river. 2 days? She's talking about her boyfriend here. This is also the same girl that posted a status once about not being able to breathe without him. That sounds unhealthy to me.

-- some peep just except any1 on here to b there friend. if i dont know ya, im not exsepting a freind request from u!

Some people can't spell worth a crap either.

-- probably should have used deoderant today. In other news, he probably should have remembered to wear underwear as well. In addition, pants wouldn't have been a bad idea

This one made me laugh.

-- Ok ok my new favorite activity is goin 2 walmart dressed as a lion and hiding n a cupboard and jumpin out when people walk by yelln welcome to narnia

That's just odd.
-- is sleeping until 10 am. please don't try to contact me before then =]
To me, this sounds like she's getting woke up before 10 for sure. Ever heard of turning your phone off or turn it to alarm only.

-- got to work only to discover chicken that had been sitting out all night under the pizza prep table wtf

I wish I knew where she worked so I could never go there again.

-- That's my boys!! 89 yd punt return by Hester!!!

Fooseball.... grrr.
-- Damn...a tough loss at home 23-20... We'll get em next time boys!!
Don't care.
-- Well the cowboys failed to win again ... I'm starting to feel like a cubs fan! :-(
That sounds pretty bad but I still don't care about fooseball.
is sick of hearing about Brett Favre... who cares anyway?

This is all in the same week......
IT'S HUSBANDS WEEK ~If you have a husband who is your best friend, who works
hard to provide for your family, who has been there through thick & thin, who has been a blessing in your life and to whom you are PROUD to be married to, copy & paste this in your status with your wedding date.......
-- A Son will hold your hand for only a little while, but will hold your
heart for a lifetime. It's "SON WEEK"--If you have a son or sons who
makes your life worth living and you are proud of him copy and paste
this to your status. ♥
-- This is I LOVE MY SISTER week. If you have a sister who has made you laugh, wiped your tears, hugged you tight, watched you succeed, saw you fail, cheered you on and kept you strong, copy and paste this into your status. Sisters are a promise that we will have a friend forever!
you have a brother who has made you laugh, punched you, stuckup for
you, drove you crazy, hugged you, watched you succeed, saw youfail,
picked you back up, cheered you on, made you strong. Someone you can't
do without.
-- Today is National Vayda Monkey Day. If you have a Vayda Monkey, or know someone who does, copy and repost this.

So it can be husband, brother, sister, son's week all in the same week? I do kind of like the Vayda Monkey one.

Hope you are all having a great week!


Random Pictures

This one is from last weekend when we went camping. The pups were lounging while I was making soup. Please excuse the mess on the bed, the camper is not that big.

Princess's birthday present came via UPS yesterday. I always love coming home to a package on the porch, even if it is for one of the dogs. We got her her own camping chair. She likes it.

I also found this in the mail box yesterday. I almost crapped my pants.

Thankfully, it's just junk mail for some kind of phone activation, not Army activation. I had flashbacks for a second of sleeping with my phone next to me and the instant messenger on. I'd prefer not to have any "activation notices" sent to our address.

Hope you all have a great weekend and a Happy Halloween!


Happy Hump Day!

I once read somewhere to never apologize for a lack of blogging. So, I won't. I've been busy. And my life has been pretty boring, which could be a good thing.

We had a great time camping this weekend. The weather was beautiful except that it was really windy. Friday night we remained pretty calm. Matt had to work for a couple hours Saturday morning. Saturday afternoon him and his buddy went four-wheeler riding. I stayed at the camper made some soup, roadtripped with my parents and the dogs for a while, and took a nap.

However, Saturday night it might have been on. I may have drank way to much. I may have fallen. I may have went to the chiropractor Monday and found out that I sprained my elbow. It may hurt like a bitch. I may have a few mysterious bruises. Or I may not.

Sunday morning we loaded up and went home. And then slept all day. It felt great to be a bum.

Yesterday was Miss Princess's birthday. I ordered her a camping chair online. It's like a bag chair but with out the back or beer can holder. My mom has one for her dog and Princess pretty much took it over while we were camping.

Besides that things have been pretty mellow. I've been trying to figure out what I'm going to take next semester. I think I have it figured out now though. If I take the right elective for my Associates in Accounting, I will also have a Certificate in Office Technology. And then if I take one more class I'll also have a Certificate in Management. I believe I have 13 classes left and then I'll have all this done. But at this point, I'm 28 29 years old and still considered a freshman. Which is a little depressing in itself.

Anywho, next semester I'm going to try to take three classes, be a wife, work, and sling beers on the side. I'm going to take Managerial Accounting, Legal Environments of Business (blah), and Advanced Formatting. Should be interesting. The good thing is one is online and the other two are at the extension building of the college which is very close to where I work. So no driving 30 minutes to class.

Oh and something else, someone keeps emailing me telling me that they think I'm a talented writer and they want me to write for some blog something or other. I don't buy it. I purposely make grammatical errors and use, commas in the wrong place because it's my blog and I can. And I'm a shitty proofreader. So don't lie to me. :)

Happy Hump Day! Hope you all are having a great week!


Just because....

I've been down in the dumps the last two days.

He's sweet sometimes. When no one else understands, he does. And when he doesn't, he does things to make me happy. I wouldn't trade him for the world.

Have a good weekend!


Random Stuff

Things have been pretty crazy around our house lately. Most of the weekend we spent working on putting up a chain link fence in the backyard. Dad came over Friday evening and he and Matt finished digging and putting up the poles. Mom and Dad came over Saturday morning and we got it finished (pictures to come). I worked Saturday night. Sunday we stayed home and did home work.

It tough sometimes to find a balance between pissing people off because we have our own things to do and finding time to mingle. Matt's first class is almost over and he has had a ton of homework to get done and tests so we skipped my Reester's birthday party and stayed home and studied and did homework.

The spring semester schedule came out the other day. Now when I try to figure out what I'm going to take, I also have to keep in mind when Matt will be in school, if I'll ever see him, and who will take care of the pups if we are both at class all evening. So mainly, I've been trying to clear my head lately and not stress out.

Last night, I went to a visitation. A very good friend of mine that died when he were in high school's dad died. I met up with some of my old school buddies and went with them. After the visitation, we all went and grabbed a beer together. It's always great to see my old buddies. They are the kind of people that no matter how long we go without seeing each other, it's like we haven't skipped a beat.

I woke up in a good mood today probably because I got to hang with my buddies last night. I got to work and logged into Facebook and saw the creep that I hate more than anyone in the whole world is now on Facebook. It's a sore subject and I'm really not in the mood to talk about it today. Some of you already know and if you don't and want to go here. Facebook is also recommending I become his friend. Umm, F you Facebook and F you creep.

It's weird how the littlest things can trip my trigger sometimes. But, I'm not going to let this ruin my day. Moving on......

We are going to go camping this weekend. This will most likely be our last camping excursion this year and I'm super pumped. We are going with mom and dad. Mom and I are each going to make a big ole pot of soup. The pups are all going to go with us. This will be Miss Princess's first camping trip but I'm positive she will love it. The place where we are camping is pretty close to home which is always nice in case we need to run home for something.

Hope you all have a great week!


My husband's new love

About six months before Matt finished his time doing Active Duty, we started house hunting. One of the things Matt wanted in a house was a big garage or room to build a big garage. We bought our house last June. It had a junk shed in back yard that I don't have a picture of. This past April we made out like bandits on our taxes since we are first time home owners buyers. So we decided to invest our money into building a garage. After a little debating, confusion, drama we decided to have the garage built for us.

This is a picture of where the junk shed was.

Matt dug up all the cinder block from around the concrete, loaded them up, and got rid of them. It was only like 110 out when he was doing that.

Here is a picture of when the concrete was poured.

Here is Matt splicing together the internet line he dug through. Notice the Aerosmith 1998-1999 t-shirt. Classic.

Here is the garage after everything is done. The siding and shingles match our house perfectly.

View from the deck.

My daddy and brother did all the electrical work. It has about 14 plug ins in it. Matt says that you never know what you'll need to plug in. It has plumbing ran for a small bathroom to be put in it. That will have to wait until next summer though along with the insulation. The only thing left to do this year is to expand our fenced in area of the yard. Dad and Matt are going to start that tonight and finish it on Saturday.

Matt's in love with the garage. I hardly ever see him on the weekend. But it is close enough to the house that I can stand on the deck and yell at him when it's time to come in.

And since no picture post from me would be complete without a few pictures of the dogs.....

Vinnie chilling on the deck

Princess doing a little chilling

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Beer Cheese Soup

I'm no master chef nor am I a photographer.

Here is the recipe for my world famous (well maybe not) Beer Cheese Soup.

1. Peel and slice 10-12 potatoes. I usually just keep peeling until I have had enough of peeling. Sometimes 10-12. Sometimes more.

2. Dice 1 (one) onion.

3. Boil

Taters and onions

Here is what you will need:

2 cans of cheddar cheese soup

1 can of nacho cheese soup (Good luck finding it. I only know of one grocery store that has it here.)

1 small block of Velveeta. I have used generic before and it's just as good.

1 or 2 packages of recipe style bacon pieces. Sometimes I fry my own and add that but this is way easier. It's worth the extra couple bucks.

1 flat beer. Pour into glass and let settle. I prefer to cook with Budweiser but you can probably use whatever is in the fridge. I wouldn't recommend a dark beer or a light beer. You'll want something full flavored.

Cut up Velveeta like this and add to crockpot along with other soups.

Drain most of water off the taters and onions. Leave about 1/4 of water.

Add taters and onions to crockpot.

Add beer.

Add bacon.


Put lid on and cook on low for a couple of hours.

If it is really thick add a little water.

It's absolutely delicious! Enjoy!