Happy Hump Day!

I once read somewhere to never apologize for a lack of blogging. So, I won't. I've been busy. And my life has been pretty boring, which could be a good thing.

We had a great time camping this weekend. The weather was beautiful except that it was really windy. Friday night we remained pretty calm. Matt had to work for a couple hours Saturday morning. Saturday afternoon him and his buddy went four-wheeler riding. I stayed at the camper made some soup, roadtripped with my parents and the dogs for a while, and took a nap.

However, Saturday night it might have been on. I may have drank way to much. I may have fallen. I may have went to the chiropractor Monday and found out that I sprained my elbow. It may hurt like a bitch. I may have a few mysterious bruises. Or I may not.

Sunday morning we loaded up and went home. And then slept all day. It felt great to be a bum.

Yesterday was Miss Princess's birthday. I ordered her a camping chair online. It's like a bag chair but with out the back or beer can holder. My mom has one for her dog and Princess pretty much took it over while we were camping.

Besides that things have been pretty mellow. I've been trying to figure out what I'm going to take next semester. I think I have it figured out now though. If I take the right elective for my Associates in Accounting, I will also have a Certificate in Office Technology. And then if I take one more class I'll also have a Certificate in Management. I believe I have 13 classes left and then I'll have all this done. But at this point, I'm 28 29 years old and still considered a freshman. Which is a little depressing in itself.

Anywho, next semester I'm going to try to take three classes, be a wife, work, and sling beers on the side. I'm going to take Managerial Accounting, Legal Environments of Business (blah), and Advanced Formatting. Should be interesting. The good thing is one is online and the other two are at the extension building of the college which is very close to where I work. So no driving 30 minutes to class.

Oh and something else, someone keeps emailing me telling me that they think I'm a talented writer and they want me to write for some blog something or other. I don't buy it. I purposely make grammatical errors and use, commas in the wrong place because it's my blog and I can. And I'm a shitty proofreader. So don't lie to me. :)

Happy Hump Day! Hope you all are having a great week!


MiMi said...

OMG, the last paragraph..., it , cracks me up???

Heff said...

But, maybe THEY, think you've got, talent ! (heh),

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Hope your wrist starts feeling better!

shortmama said...

lol the last paragraph is hilarious!

A sprained elbow? OUCH!!!

Sarah said...

Hey, I wasn't sure on how to eamil you? I tried clicking on the link in your profile, but it keeps not working so I thought I would drop by here and just give you my email: daculasweetie@yahoo.com

Sandra said...

New to your blog. Was browsing the pics on the sidebar, love the one of you and your husband reunited with the caption "Best Feeling." I got an "awww" moment there.
As for whoever it is who is writing you saying they want you to write for their blog, well, not sure what it is, but nobody writes me asking me to write for their blog, so maybe you are destined for bloggy greatness!