A quickie

I've been super busy but I thought I'd give you a quick update on my life.

What's up with this new look from blogger?  I'm confused.

Aubri's growing like a weed. 

She's eating baby food now.  Last week was carrots.  This week it's peas.  She likes the carrots better. 

She's still sleeping in our room in her rock n play.  We are camping this weekend and next Saturday.  After that, we are going to start making the transition to getting her in her crib.  For now, I'm loving waking up to her pretty smile everyday.

Aubri's favorite Uncle Lyle (my brother) asked his girlfriend of 5 years to marry him this past weekend.  She said "yes."  She's a great person and we all have always loved her.  The wedding won't be for at least a year and a half so there is no need to go a on diet yet.

Yesterday, I had a consultation with an OB about birth control.  I'm on the pill now but I'm going to get the Marena next week.  Any one have any thoughts on Marena?

School is going okay so far.  I'd rather be home with my baby and my husband but I know someday it will be worth it.  I only have 4 classes left after this semester.  One class has to be taken in the fall so by the end of the next fall semester, I should be able to grad-e-ate.  I'm still hanging on to my 4.0, too. 

We re-financed our house recently.  What a pain in the ass that was!  But it's done are going to save a ton of money in interest.

That's about all I know.  

Hope you all have a great week!

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Sleep in her own room?

Well, so you probably all already know that our child is a little bit spoiled.  Not a brat but spoiled, nonetheless.

She still sleeps in our room, right next to the bed in her rock n play.  She usually sleeps all night.

Matt thinks she needs to start sleeping in her own room.  We tried it, twice.  The first night she woke up at 2 a.m. scared and the second night she woke up at 12:30 a.m. scared.  (Matt said she wasn't scared.  I might just be making that part up.) After she woke up, we fed her then put her in her rock n play.

Yesterday, she had her four month check-up (and shots).  I asked the doctor if she was old enough to sleep in her own room.  I think he thought I was a little nuts.  He said if we don't get her in there in the next month or so that she will have separation anxiety when we do put her in there or end up in our room until she's two.

I still think she's too little.  I mean she's just a little peanut.  She needs her mommy.  If she wakes up in the middle of the night now, she can see me.  I give her her Nuk Nuk (pacifier) and she'll go back to sleep.

We do have a queen sized air mattress.  I guess I could just sleep on the floor in her room.

I've officially turned into one of "those moms."  I'm sorry that I used to make fun of some of you. Thoughts?

Aubri and Mr. Vinnie