Button's Blankies

Mom and I have been busy making blankies for little Button.  She will not have to worry about getting cold.

This one is the theme of her room.  It's called Merry Meadows. This blanket was hand quilted by Button's Grandma.

We are also making another quilt that will be more of a patchwork quilt.  One of the materials in it will be the material that is on the back of this quilt.  The material on the back of this one is also what we used for the curtains.  Mom hasn't started it yet but I'm excited to see what it will look like.

And then there is Button's flannel blankie collection.  This one is the same theme as her room.  And of course she'll need two tag blankets to match.

This one is a bird print.  The are sort of the same as the birds in the other two.  And she'll have a tag blanket to match.

This one is for when she goes places with daddy.  Daddy likes John Deere so I'm sure Button will too.

She'll have to have a puppy blankie too.

And of course an "I love Mommy. I love Daddy" blankie.

And some fireflies with a matching tag blanket.

She also has a couple of blankies over at Grandma's house for when she is over there.

And a tag blanket for when her daddy goes to drill.

Then we made some matching burp clothes.  I mean what little girl doesn't need a burp cloth to match her blankies?

This is her cloth book collection that her Grandma made for her.  She also has a book that matches the theme of her room.

Spoiled? Yeah, probably.

To check out any of my mom's other blankets or tag blankets click here.


I miss cookies.

I met with a dietitian on Friday afternoon. My mom went with me.  

I have to start counting my carbs.  I'm only allowed so many for breakfast, lunch and dinner and my two snacks.  Yeah, I have to have a snack now.  Like I'm 5 or something.

I have never been one to count calories, carbs, or anything like that.  So, to have to do it while I'm pregnant seems a bit backwards to me.

I know that Button is #1 and she is worth it.  I've been doing what I am supposed to do.  I just can't wait until our baby girl gets here.  10 weeks. 10 weeks.  I can do it.

I have to check my blood sugar when I first wake up and one hour after every meal.  Sometimes it is too low now.  So, I'll talk to the doctor when I go back Friday.  Maybe he will just say, "Whoops, we made a mistake.  Here are some Oreos."  But probably not.

Sometimes I think, this gestational diabetes thing isn't so bad.  And then five minutes later I think, this sucks, I'm starving, how is my baby ever supposed to grow.

The good news is I can have all the meat, cheese, and eggs I want.  I love string cheese.  When I get hungry, I just eat some string cheese.  Yesterday, I pigged out on bacon and eggs.  It was amazing.  

I can have most of the things I had before, just not as much.

Hope you are all having a great week!  And for the love of God, stop posting pictures of muffins and brownies.


Now I'm really falling apart

I found out this morning I have gestational diabetes.  

I have to go see a nutritionist this afternoon.  I'm making my mom take me because I'm sure this is all somehow her fault.  

No more cookies for me.  :(  

I'll keep you posted.


Falling Apart

The first 6 months of this pregnancy have been a breeze.  I was not sick one time.  Yeah, my boobs hurt a little and rolling over got a little harder each day.  But, for the most part, things were good.

The last week I've started falling apart.  

* My back hurts constantly.

* I wake up with leg cramps.

* I can't breath that well.

* I found a stretch mark. 

* Heartburn (It's easily defeated with Tums though.  So, not too annoying.)

* My feet hurt.

And last but not least,

* I have to go back for round 2 of glucose testing tomorrow. My blood sugar was high. 

If I have to give up cookies and cereal, things will go down hill quick.

But it will all be worth it when we get to hold our sweet baby girl.


Just Catching Up

I realize I suck at blogging lately.  I have no excuse.  I do less now, as far as my life goes, than I have done in a long time.  I'm taking one class and only working one job.  You'd think I'd have more time.

Friday I go to the doctor.  I have my glucose test.  Please gawd don't let me fail.  If I have to watch what I eat while being pregnant, I don't know what I'd do.  That would be awful.  Cookies and cereal are now my friends.  I was told if I had my appointment in the afternoon (like I usually do) that I'd have to take it easy on the sugar and carbs until after the test.  No thanks, I made a morning appointment instead.

Monday was the first day I've felt bad since I've been pregnant.  I felt lightheaded, had heartburn out of this world, and felt rundown.  I went to the chiropractor after work.  I haven't been since I've been pregnant.  I felt like a new person Tuesday.  I'm not sure what my doctor will think of that though.

Mom and I have been having "arts and crafts time" just about every Saturday.  Little Button is going to have more blankets and tag blankets than she will know what do to with.  This is the latest tag blanket.  It's for when her daddy is gone doing drill.

My mom has another ACU tag blanket for sale on her Etsy.  And will be adding more (different color backs) soon.

The print in this tag blanket is going to be the "theme" for Button's room.  As soon as mom gets her quilt done, I will post pictures of her room.

I'll leave you with a picture of Mr. Vinnie.  This was over the weekend.  He was taking a nap on my stomach.  He loves his baby sister.

Hope you are all having a great week!