Can't wait untill tomorrow night

I'm leaving tomorrow night to be with my hubby untill Monday afternoon. I am so excited about going. It's going to be just to two of us for Thanksgiving. I'll make sure to write a nice blog about it when I get back.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!



I am a soldier's wife

A Military Wife's Creed

I am an American Soldier's Wife!
I keep the team at home together for you
I serve my Soldier in Army ways
and do what is expected of me on the home front.
I will always keep my mission of a loving home
for when you return and longer.
I will NEVER quit or leave or lose our love for each other.
I will knowingly take your responsibilities on as if you are here yourself.
I will take myself to the heights you have taken me and not fall.
I am an expert as your wife and I am a professional at taking care of your home while you are away.
I stand ready for any and all situations which may arise.
I am the guardian of my husbands home and love...
I am an American Soldier's Wife!



I'm going to be a college freshman AGAIN

Well I'm going back to school. Matt's GI bill will eventually pay for one of us to go back to school, since he doesn't really care about going back I'm going to. I'm taking one night class next semester at the Kluthe Center. I got registered yesterday. I plan on taking one class over the summer also. After that the army should start paying for it and I'll kick it up a notch or two. My major is Business Administration. I'm hoping to get a certificate for that at Lake Land and then get a degree in accounting at EIU. We will see though. I'm pretty excited about everything though. I just hope I don't gain my "Freshman 15" again.


Last Minute Trip to Seattle

Well this past weekend I made a last minute trip to Seattle. Usually when Matt or I fly to see each other we try to book the trips early to avoid paying a bazillion dollars for the tickets. We were both missing each other pretty bad so I book a flight to go see him about a week before. I flew out Friday at 2:30 and got to Seattle at 8:00. We had a pretty relaxed weekend. Friday night we ordered some food to the hotel and just, well you could say we enjoyed each others company. : ) Saturday we went and got Matt's hair cut and went to the commissary and got him some groceries for his room. I'm not sure why but I think he needs my help grocery shopping. *Note... self check-out is not always more convenient. Then we went to the mall, I wanted to get a pair of warm boots. I must have tried out a thousand pairs of boots. I tried on some Ugs and Matt was going to even let me spend $190 on a pair of boots. I ended up getting some from a stand in the middle of the mall for a more reasonable price. They are awesome. They are sheep skin with sheep wool on the inside. I love them so much I almost slept in them that night. Anyways, Matt was so good in the mall. He usually doesn't like watching me try on stuff or even going in "girly stores." He was so patient. That night we went out to eat to celebrate our 2 month anniversary. It was very nice. I left to come home on Sunday afternoon. I anticipate writing a blog sometime on my adventures in flying but that's another story. I can't wait for Thanksgiving because I'm going back there to be with Matt again. The best part of going there this weekend was just laying next to him and breathing in his scent. I know that probably seems pretty lame but it really was the best thing I could have asked for. Photobucket

Happy Veteran's Day

Thanks to all who have served our country. I am so proud to be the wife of a veteran. It's certainly not an easy job being the wife of a soldier. The times when we are apart are hard but days like today remind me how truly proud I am of my husband.