The Pups

The other day I was at my parent's house and I noticed my mom had 8x10 pictures of her two dogs and Ozzy on her bedroom wall. Then I wondered why I didn't have any pictures of my pups on the wall.

Last week one night, I had a little photo session with the pups.  The first three pictures in this post are the ones I had 8x10's printed of.  Then I framed them and hung them in the living room.

Miss Princess was the easiest.  I just told her to sit in this area of our landscaping and she did.  She doesn't like to look directly into the camera though.  Girl knows how to work her angles.  Haha

To keep little Vinnie's attention, I had to had to keep throwing his toy. Or squeak it.

Ozzy is the hardest to take pictures of.  He doesn't like it and he won't pose.

Here are a few more for your viewing pleasure.  

Little Vinnie watching his ball

For you pet lovers, the toy Vinnie has in these pictures are Dura Doggie toys.  You can look them up online if you'd like.  Vinnie is pretty hard on toys and has yet to tear one of these up. They don't smell like plastic and the company donates a portion of all sales to different organizations. And no, no one paid me to write that.

Hope you are all having a great week!


When life hands you lemons.....

First of all, thanks for all the birthday wishes on here and on facebook.  30 isn't so bad, so far.

Friday we headed out, in the rain, to go camping.  I may have celebrated too hard Friday night.  In my defense, one of my BFF's came and camped with us so I pretty much had to.

Saturday, we did quite a bit of laying around, napping, relaxing, and eating.

Sunday we to a Cardinals game with my mom and dad for Father's Day.  It was the first game I have been to this year.  Our seats were in the second row in lowest level in right field.  In my opinion, they were the best seats I've ever had. 

It was only about 150 degrees at the game and the lack of a breeze made it very comfortable.  But we all had a good time.  Dad and Matt drank our beer vendor out of Bud Select and mom and I kept ourselves hydrated with water.  We all had a good time and the Cardinals won.

Monday morning, my car crapped out.  It wouldn't start when I turned the key and then it would try starting when the keys weren't in the ignition.  One day last week, when I turned the key to start it, the truck popped.  Uh yeah, I was confused.

Matt diagnosed the problem as the battery was junk and the cables that connect to it were corroded.  Whatever that means.  I kept giving him crap that the car was a lemon.  Its a 2000.  So obviously it will have some issues once in awhile.  Since I've been driving it we've only had to do several maintaince type things. But I can still give him crap if I want.

Matt and his buddy fixed my car last night.  The only problem is that my boom booms (subs) aren't hooked up.  It was Matt's car first and you know how men are with their accessories.  I never realized how much I liked the boom booms until I drove the car this morning.  He's supposed to get a longer bolt (or something) and hook them back up tonight.

I also wanted to let you know that I entered a giveway over at Utterly Chaotic Designs.  I'm really hoping to win since my blog is all jacked up.  Send me some good vibes and go by there and check her stuff out.  Brea is one of the most talented designers I've seen.  And her prices are very reasonable.

Hope you are all having a great week!


My Birthday Cake!

We are going camping and celebrating this weekend!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Holy Hell

I totally screwed up my background.  It wasn't loading right and I went and messed with it and then it wouldn't work at all.

Can anyone help?

I'm html or whatever it's called illiterate.

Tomorrow I'll be in my....

Tomorrow is my birthday.  I'll be 30 29 for the second year. 
Tomorrow will be a regular day.  I have to work.  And I'll probably do some homework so that we can go scamping and to a Cardinals game this weekend.

Last weekend we went scamping at my grandma and grandpas and it was a blast.  There is so much to do there and the rates are reasonable (free).

Friday night my brother brought his camper and camped with us.  About midnight it got really windy and started raining buckets of rain.  We had to take the awning down and got soaked in the process.  So we went in the scamp and drank more.

Saturday we went on a four-wheeler ride with my brother. 

Maybe I should back up a bit.  Matt bought a four-wheeler.  He's wanted one forever.  I made him sell his death trap three wheeler and he sold some other stuff.  We found a great deal on one so he bought it.  He's pretty proud of it and I think we will get a lot of use out of it.

 The first time we went riding - My cousin & brother

So anyway, Saturday we went on a four-wheeler ride. Got a little sunburn.  When we got back Camp Frank (that's what we call it), we took the pups on a little ride around the yard.  They actually liked it and sat really still.  Don't worry we didn't drive fast at all.

My Matt's four-wheeler

Then Saturday afternoon my mom and dad came out to my grandparents and my dad "showed us how to cook a pork loin."  My dad is kinda OCD about cooking when we are camping.

Saturday evening my grandpa hooked his horses up to the wagon and took us on a wagon ride while we drank.  My sister and her boyfriend even made an appearance.

Sunday morning grandma cooked us breakfast and then we went home.

Since then I've been busy trying to get a little ahead in school so I can take this weekend off. 

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Facebook Funnies

It's once again time for "Facebook Funnies." Post all the weird, unusual, creepy, or funny statuses that make you go hmmmm! and then link back to here. Just don't use anyone's name, address, school, ect.

Feel free to grab the button:

Here we go,

Havingt a baby on saterday.

Okay, if you can't even spell Saturday, do you really need to be having a baby?

Looking for a decent rope to hang in a tree to attachto a tire, message me if anyone has one.

I found this one on the garage sale page for the county I live in.  Really?  Can't you just go to the garm store and buy one?

I saw a fox carrying a squirrel across the yard today.

Interesting, I suppose.

"Ain't no burger on taht kids menu big enough for Jethro."  Love my job.

This one is from a girl I used to work with at my shit job.  The funny part is that I totally believe that this happened.

bipolar facebookers-"i'm sooo happy!!! lovin life!" -1 hour later- "GOD! SO sick of being lied to!!"- 1 hour later- "it's a beautiful day!"-2hrs later- "if ppl have somethin to say, then say it to my face!!"- next day- "a little lunch then off to see good friends!!!" - 3 hrs later-" UGH!! just sick of it all!!" - 1 hr later-"can't quit smiling and lovin it!- 13 minutes later-"CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!"-etc. etc. etc
Oh yes, gotta love the bipolar facebookers.
FYI... If you "aren't going no where" you are going somewhere!!
I may not be the world's smartest person when it comes to grammar, but the double negatives even drive me nuts.
This Bachelorette shit ass show is on for 2 freaking hours.  God help me from punching the TV.
... from my loving husband.
I feel like I know way too much about peopel I hardly know because of facebook.
You and me both.

Feel free to link up and share, the more the merrier!


R.I.P. Allie Marie

My mom's chihuahua, Allie, had to be put down yesterday.

One of her final days

She had an inner ear infection awhile ago.  And got another one this past weekend.  Mom made an emergency call to the vet Sunday.  The medicine they gave her didn't help.

The vet thinks she may have also had a stroke.  She was old, didn't listen was deaf, had arthritis and a crooked leg.  Mom did everything she could to get her better.  But mom, dad, and the vet all thought it would be best to end her suffering.

I wrote a post awhile ago about what turned out to be her final hurrah.

Allie will be missed and never forgotten.

Dear Allie,

I know when mom first got you I was not around.  I forgive you for trying to bite me everytime you saw me for the next four years.  I'm sorry when you were a baby that dad pushed you off the couch you fell of the couch and broke your leg.  (We tease my dad that he pushed her.)

I know we weren't always the best of friends but I will miss you somewhat. I'm glad I got to say good-bye. I know mom & Chloe will miss you and LP too.  Behave in heaven; don't bite anyone.  I'm sure you'll have a nice comfy bed there and really that's all you've ever wanted.



Camping Pictures

We had a great time camping this past weekend. It wasn't too hot or too cold.  A couple months ago I order all of us a "I'm a Happy Scamper" t-shirt.
Family Photo

Ozzy and Miss Princess
Little Vinnie

My mom's dog, Chloe. She's Vinnie's grandma. 

Our ride to the lawn mower tractor pull

Matt did not pull at the tractor pull.  He didn't want to break his lawn mower.  You should have seen some of these lawn mowers.  They were far from a regular lawn mower.  Going to the lawn mower pull was by far the most redneck thing I've ever done in my life.
Sunday after the lawn mower pull Matt and I were going to take a nap at around 7 p.m.  We woke up at midnight and then went back to bed.  We're old.
Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend!