R.I.P. Allie Marie

My mom's chihuahua, Allie, had to be put down yesterday.

One of her final days

She had an inner ear infection awhile ago.  And got another one this past weekend.  Mom made an emergency call to the vet Sunday.  The medicine they gave her didn't help.

The vet thinks she may have also had a stroke.  She was old, didn't listen was deaf, had arthritis and a crooked leg.  Mom did everything she could to get her better.  But mom, dad, and the vet all thought it would be best to end her suffering.

I wrote a post awhile ago about what turned out to be her final hurrah.

Allie will be missed and never forgotten.

Dear Allie,

I know when mom first got you I was not around.  I forgive you for trying to bite me everytime you saw me for the next four years.  I'm sorry when you were a baby that dad pushed you off the couch you fell of the couch and broke your leg.  (We tease my dad that he pushed her.)

I know we weren't always the best of friends but I will miss you somewhat. I'm glad I got to say good-bye. I know mom & Chloe will miss you and LP too.  Behave in heaven; don't bite anyone.  I'm sure you'll have a nice comfy bed there and really that's all you've ever wanted.



annoyed army wife said...

Oh no! This is so sad. Behave in heaven; don't bite anyone. She really was a Chihuahua, wasn't she? Mine just bite children, but children are quite annoying so I don't blame them.

I'm sorry to hear about your mom's loss. Poor little doggy.

MrsB said...

im so sorry. losing a pet always sucks, no matter how much they have annoyed us in the past. lol.

MiMi said...

It's sad but your letter is cracking my ass up!
I had this nightmare the other night that my parents had to get their dog put down. And it toally freaked me out, because I have the same sort of love/hate relationship going on with that little bastard, I mean, LOVEY, that you did will Allie.
I don't want him to die because they love him so much. He used to be the biggest little shit ever. Now he's old and has liver cancer. :(
We have his litter mate and they LOOOOVE eachother. :(

MrsMcDancer said...

Aww, poor pup. At least she had a long life. Now she can cause a ruckus up in heaven ;-)

Random Musings said...

I am so sorry for your loss.

I am sure she has gone over rainbow bridge and is causing havoc in true chihuahua style.

PS our MIL moved in 2 months ago and every morning Daisy tried to but her and then shes fine.

vintch said...

oh gracious. so happy to find and follow your lovely blog. what a sad time--praying for your comfort! i've had two dogs put down in my lifetime, and it never gets any easier. the happy part is imagining them running and playing and rolling around in Heaven. i'm convinced they will be there to greet us one day. that's something i look forward to so much:)

vintch said...

pablo is a bichon:) he was shaven and just awful looking when we adopted him three years ago. we've had the time of our lives nursing him back to health and fattening him up:)