Runaway Dog

My mom has two dogs, one of which is a Chihuahua named Allie. Allie is eleven years old, deaf, has arthritis, is as mean as a rattlesnake and to be honest, I'm not real fond of her. I think that's mutual though. She tried to bite me for the first four years mom had her.

Mom gets off work early on Thursday afternoons. About 1:30 she called me and asked if I went to her house for lunch. I told her I didn't but Matt did. She asked me if Matt saw Allie. I told her I didn't know that she should text him. Apparently, Allie had disappeared.

She looked all over the house and the yard for her but couldn't find her anywhere. Mom had to leave to bring her other dog to the vet. I texted Matt too. He said he didn't remember seeing her. By this point dad was getting off work. So, I
called him and asked him if he had talked to mom. He said he had and that he was going to go get some beer and drive around town and look for Allie.

I was leaving work early anyway to go to the doctor. When I left work I went by mom and dad's. By this time, mom was home and frazzled to say the least. She was upset because she thought Allie could have snuck out when she left for work. Dad said that he figured the chicken hawk that has been hanging around their house probably got her. (Nice one dad)

I cruised around their neighborhood for a little while before
I had to go to the doctor. I honestly thought that she had probably got out of the fence and went and died somewhere. She's not in the best shape and plus she's a weirdo like that. In the mean time, mom and dad and the neighbor kid are all out searching the town looking for her.

When I got back to our house after I went to the doctor, mom called. She said she found Allie. I thought, Oh god, she's dead. I asked her where they found her and she said at the pound.

Apparently, mom called the radio station and had them announce that she was missing. Mom got a few calls from people saying they had seen Allie about 2 miles from their house along a busy highway at 8 that morning. Mom told them that it cou
ldn't have been Allie because she doesn't move that well and couldn't have went that far.

Then a cop called. I guess the cop saw her in the same area that the other sightings occured. He got out of his car and yelled at her and he said she just kept walking. Remember she doesn't listen is deaf. He followed her down the busy highway with his flashers off until she went under a parked semi at some kind of trucking place.

It took the cop and three truckers to get her out from under the semi. In the process, she bit one of them but since she only has two or three teeth she didn't break his skin. They were making fun of her because she's so old. The cop took her to the pound because she didn't have a name tag on.

When mom went to the pound to pick her up the guy at the pound said that he would just let mom get her out of the pen. So, I can only imagine the trouble she caused there.

I'm glad she made it home. The day before her episode I went to mom's for lunch and she was pacing around the table the whole time on the hardwood floor. I didn't want my last words to her to be, "I'm going back to work. You're driving m
e fu!@#$g nuts." And no matter how much her and I dislike each other, I know when she goes to doggy heaven, my mom will be sad. I'm not ready for that yet.
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Katie said...

OMG!!! that is such a terrible thing to have happen! thank god they found her!

Sami said...

I'm glad you found her! And now, I can't get the image of a decrepid chihuahua getting picked up and carried away by a hawk. I'm trying not to laugh. That would be bad!

♥Miss Brittney♥ said...

Aww poor thing! Thats so funny my inlaws have a grouchy chihuahua too! Her name is Daisy and needless to say we don't get along very well, lol! But I'm glad you guys found her!!

MrsB said...

2 miles!?! i am soooo glad she found her way home.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Wow! I'm glad they found her and she was ok!

Anonymous said...

I'm really glad that they found her! Having a lost dog is always nerve-wrecking for me.

My mother in law has a chihuahua that drives me NUTS to the point that I want to throw him out the window. So, I really understand you =)

Dani said...

Aww, poor thing! How funny it took 4 men to get her out from under the truck! Glad your mom has her doggie love back. <3

Random Musings Of My Life said...

Oh No I am glad they found her.. And Daisy has a thing on her file at the vet that she will only come out of her cage for her owners cause she SCREAMS bloody murder and is crazy if someone else tries to do it..

Silly Chihuahuas..

shortmama said...

Glad they found her!

MiMi said...

I'm SOOO late at reading the links, sorry I'm just now reading this! I suck.
That dog. I'm so glad she was found, and how nice of the cop and truckers to get her, they didn't have to. :)
My mom has a mean old dog. I don't like him. I have to pretend to be nice to him but when she leaves the room I say, "You are such a nasty little bastard, aren't you??" Then when my mom comes back I say, "You are such a nice little doggy, aren't you?" She hasn't caught on to it yet...