Pros and Cons of Matt being gone

Making whatever I want for diner
Sleeping in the middle of the bed
Hanging the toilet paper whatever way I want
Watching whatever I want on TV
Less laundry

Taking out the trash
Having to make the pups breakfast every morning
Being lonely
Having to do the dishes (Yes, Matt does the dishes. Again, I'm spoiled.)
Having no one to talk to except the pups
No one to bother at home
The pups are even starting to ignore me
Driving myself to work everyday
Taking my lunch break by myself
The pups don't sleep well
I miss cuddling
Feeling a little bit lost
Being bored to tears or cleaning in the evenings

My hubby is coming home tonight! I'm pumped!


Oh crapola!

So this morning I was sitting at my desk totally spacing out working really hard. And I remembered something. I asked all of you to ask me questions and I would answer them. Yeah, I totally forgot about this. So this is your last chance. Go ahead ask away and I will not forget to answer them.

Just click here.

My weekend was okay. I worked my second gig Friday night and Sunday morning. I got called in to go help for a couple hours Saturday night, which was no big deal.

Friday I left job #1 early and went home and took a nap because I still had heat exhaustion from the day before or something. I woke up and was getting ready and I went outside to put most of my crap in the car, started it, and turned the AC on. Then I went inside, finished getting ready, and grabbed the rest of my stuff. I went outside only to find that I had locked my keys in my running car, including my house key. I called the cops because, hello I didn't have a phone book on me. The made me feel like a complete idiot and called a towing/unlocking company for me.

I broke into the house with my debit card and found the spare remote starter. I thought, hell ya! I went outside and pushed the button a couple times and it wouldn't work. Someone forgot to tell me that there weren't any batteries it. When I went back outside I closed the door behind me and then I couldn't get back in with my card. So I stood outside and sweated like a moose until dude showed up 20 minutes later. It seriously took him less than 2 minutes to get in my car. Whatever.

Saturday I went to State Farm and got my 75 bucks back. I also had three house keys and a car key made. I also replaced the battery in my remote starter. Never a dull moment I tell you.

Mom, Dad, and my brother came over Saturday and the boys mowed the yard. (Yes, I may be a little bit spoiled.)

That was about it for my weekend. Work, errands, work, clean house, work, nap. Matt will be home soon. :)

Hope you all had a great weekend!


Why's it have to be so hot?

Yesterday my boss took myself and the department I spend about half my time working for to the Cardinals vs. Phillies game. This is where are seats were. These are by far the best seats I have ever had at a game, as far as the view goes.

It was so freaking hot yesterday. Not just the itshotandimuncomfortable type of heat. It was like the itssohotthatmybeeriswarmbeforeigetbacktomyseatandimmiserableandsweating likeamoose kind of heat. At one point, I think I could feel my brain boiling. I had to make the switch to water around the third inning. Our seats were in the direct sun all day. At one point, the scoreboard said it was 100 degrees. I'm guessing this was minus the head index and minus the fact that it was exceptionally humidy. And we lost.

The boss took us out to eat on the way home and dinner was good, I think. My brain was still fried at that point.

While I was gone yesterday, the boys had to get their haircut. I brought them to my mom's yesterday morning and she took them to the groomer in the afternoon. Then she brought them back to her house so they could run around the yard and play for awhile. She brought them home around 7 last night. And I got home shortly after that. They were tired last night and Vinnie almost slept all night. Don't they look adorable?

Thanks for taking care of our boys yesterday mom! We all love you.

And I'm not going to lie anymore, I miss Matt. I work tonight so at least I'll get a little bit of human interaction.

Hope you all have a great weekend! I'll be busy working, cuddling with the pups, and finishing my mission list.


Busy, busy

It's been a couple days since I've wrote anything so I thought I'd give you all an update. I've been busy. Like real busy. Matt left Friday for his two week AT. So, instead of sitting around pissing and moaning about how much I miss him, I've been doing stuff.

The boys miss him like crazy. The first night, I don't think they slept at all. They were constantly barking and getting up and wondering around. Yeah, I miss him but I actually haven't had time to miss him that much. Besides, 13 days apart is nothing compared to 438.

Here's what I've got done since Friday after work:

Cleaned both ceiling fans
Cleaned out my cedar chest - I threw a bunch of crap away, which always makes me feel good.
Cleaned the stove top really good
Scrubbed the shower at 2 in the morning
Changed the pool filter and added chlorine
Pulled weeds and watered bushes - and then it rained
Got my oil changed
Took cans in to be recycled
Bought and changed the handles on the laundry room cabinets
Cleaned the office and threw some stuff away
Straightened up the hall closet
Scrubbed the front door
Washed sheets and blankets
Cleaned window sills
Cleaned kitchen closet
Cleaned laundry hamper
Cleaned all mirrors
Cleaned kitchen chairs
Cleaned all TVs
A ton of homework - I want to be done with my online class before he gets back.
Washed Matt's nasty jeans that have been in the garage for months
I also worked two shifts at the bar over the weekend.

Here's whats still on my list to do:

Scrub the green shit off the patio furniture
Clean all baseboards
Clean all hardwood floors
Clean cabinets inside and out - I'm about half done with this.
Clean fridge inside and out
Get rings cleaned and inspected
Buy, paint, and hang sconces
Go shopping (hehe)
Clean both bathrooms
Wash bed skirt
Clean spare bedroom
Straighten up bathroom closet
Buy green pillows
Clean leather furniture
Patio doors
Clean off deck
Clean camper
Wash all rugs
Attempt to clean garage

Today Matt has been gone....4 days. I need to pace myself or I'm going to run out of stuff to do. ;) Last night I put the trash out. This morning it was still there. I put it out a day early. I guess that's better than a day late.

Hope you are all having a great week!


Blast from the past.

Today I was listening to a song that I used to play with my cousin's band. His band would let me play a song with them at most of their gigs. Playing with them was one of the most awesome things I've done. I would get such an adrenaline rush right before and during the song. These pictures are all from 2005ish. Enjoy!


Random Stuff

  • Someone remind me to take the summer semester off next year. My online class this semester takes up so much time.
  • Matt leaves Friday for his two week AT. I've got a slew of projects up my sleeve for while he is gone.
  • I'm in the process of changing our kitchen from a lighthouse theme to a red, white, and blue theme. Long story short, I want some sconces to put on the sides of a picture. I've wasted spent at least 3 hours of my life searching the internet for a silver set. They don't exist. I'm getting black ones and going to try to paint them.
  • Next Thursday, my boss is taking myself and the department I do some work for to a Cardinals vs. Phillies game. (Shout out to Los, my Phillies fan bloggy buddy.) So, it will be myself, my boss, his wife, and five ummm.... what's a nice word for it... abrasive guys that are going. It should be an interesting day and a good game.
  • I weighted myself today. I've lost a total of 18 pounds. I'm almost halfway to my goal of being smoking hot. That's is motivation enough to stick with it.
  • I'm almost out of drugs pain killers for my mouth. It still hurts when I wake up or if I go too long without my pills. This does not excite me.
  • I've gotten a bunch of good questions for my question and answer post but there is still time to ask me more, if you would like. Just click here.


IV sedation rocks my world

Friday I had an appointment to get two teeth extracted at 1:00 p.m. Since I'm such a wuss I wanted to be knocked out cold. My daddy took me. He also took me when I got my wisdom teeth cut out five years ago. My mom showed up and her and dad both sat with me while I was heavily under the influence of drugs.

I was given laughing gas and then the nurse poked me about fifteen times before she gave up on finding a vein. The doctor ended up sticking me with a needle to get the IV in. I told mom and dad to quit looking at me and laughed hysterically. Mom asked me where I wanted to pick up my prescriptions at and I laughed hysterically. I told her, "What's it matter? They are giving me drugs." She said they needed to know where to call it into. I laughed some more and told her Walgreens was "slow as f!@#$." Mom had to leave to go back to work and then my dad kept asking me stupid stuff just to make me laugh. I can't remember exactly what though.

I woke up once during the process and told them the left side of my face was numb. The nurse said it was from the shot. I asked how the IV knew to make the left side of my face numb. She said, no that they had given me a shot in the face. That made more sense. Everything was really confusing while I was drugged up.

When I was finally able to leave, Matt took me by the ice cream shop because I had not eaten all day and I was starving. I got a peanut butter milk shake and ate it with a spoon. When we were on our way home, he looked over at me and started laughing. I was like, "What are you laughing at." He said, "You have that shit all over yourself." I looked in the mirror and it was running down not only my chin, but also my neck.

When we got home, I took a nap with the pups. I think they know when I don't feel good because they behave a lot better. Matt made me some mashed potatoes when I woke up.

The rest of the weekend is kind of a blur. I've kept my pain killers close by. Yesterday my parents came over and dad and Matt played in the yard and fixed some stuff on the house. Today, my mouth hardly hurts at all.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Don't forget that in honor of my 200th post, you can ask me anything you want to. Just click here.


200th Post

Yes that is correct, this is my 200th post. When I started my blog, I had no idea what it would turn into. My blog has not only been a journal and a way to vent but it has also become a source of support because of all of you. So thank you all for following me, commenting, and giving me advise when I need it.

In honor of my 200th post, I'm going to open things up for you. Feel free and please do ask me any questions you would like. Ask one. Ask two. Ask three. However many you want. They can be about anything, big or small.

I'll be laid-up all weekend because I'm getting knocked out and having two teeth extracted tomorrow. My head might be too cloudy to post until Monday though.

Also, be on the look-out because I'm going to be doing a give-away very soon.

Have a great weekend!


Long weekend together

This weekend the hubby and I had a four day weekend. It was also the first weekend that we didn't have any real plans since before summer started. Sometimes those are the best, in my opinion.

Friday night I worked at the VFW. Matt came in and helped fry fish for the fish fry. He enjoyed it. He enjoys hanging out with all the old vets that also help with the dinners. There is one old guy in particular that we both really like. His name is Clem. He's a sweet old guy, but bless his heart, he can't remember shit. He's the first to admit it though. Matt and I always tell him its okay and that his mind is probably in better shape than either of ours. He and Matt always have a beer together after the meetings or the dinners.

After I got off work Friday night, a couple that is friends of ours came over and had a few beers on the deck with us. Nothing crazy though.

Saturday morning Dish Network came and set us up. We had Direct TV for the last year. But long story short, they pissed me off about two hours into us having their service. We have been planning on switching since then and finally decided to do it.

I also did some homework Saturday and then Matt and I went shopping. We got him some shorts and what not. You know how when you were little and tried on new clothes your mom wiggled your pants around and made you turn around and stuff? No? Surely that wasn't just me. Well anyways I do that to Matt. He thinks I'm nuts.

Then, Saturday night we just stayed home and chilled with the pups. I made some dinner.

Sunday morning, well at noon, I worked at the VFW. It was a pretty slow day there. After work, the same couple that was over Friday night came over and we grilled out, played cards, and drank on the deck until the wee hours of the morning. This couple knows one of the city cops that was on duty and he came over and provided some entertainment for us. Not like in a stripper kind of way but more like in a Barney Fife kind of way.

Yesterday, I actually didn't feel too bad and managed to get some homework done and lay out in the pool for a couple hours. I'm starting to get a decent tan this year.

Today it's back to work for the hubby and I. While sitting here this morning, I realized that Matt and I have finally been able to celebrate every birthday, holiday, and anniversary together at least once, after 4 years of being together.

Happy Monday Tuesday! Hope you all had a great weekend!


Runaway Dog

My mom has two dogs, one of which is a Chihuahua named Allie. Allie is eleven years old, deaf, has arthritis, is as mean as a rattlesnake and to be honest, I'm not real fond of her. I think that's mutual though. She tried to bite me for the first four years mom had her.

Mom gets off work early on Thursday afternoons. About 1:30 she called me and asked if I went to her house for lunch. I told her I didn't but Matt did. She asked me if Matt saw Allie. I told her I didn't know that she should text him. Apparently, Allie had disappeared.

She looked all over the house and the yard for her but couldn't find her anywhere. Mom had to leave to bring her other dog to the vet. I texted Matt too. He said he didn't remember seeing her. By this point dad was getting off work. So, I
called him and asked him if he had talked to mom. He said he had and that he was going to go get some beer and drive around town and look for Allie.

I was leaving work early anyway to go to the doctor. When I left work I went by mom and dad's. By this time, mom was home and frazzled to say the least. She was upset because she thought Allie could have snuck out when she left for work. Dad said that he figured the chicken hawk that has been hanging around their house probably got her. (Nice one dad)

I cruised around their neighborhood for a little while before
I had to go to the doctor. I honestly thought that she had probably got out of the fence and went and died somewhere. She's not in the best shape and plus she's a weirdo like that. In the mean time, mom and dad and the neighbor kid are all out searching the town looking for her.

When I got back to our house after I went to the doctor, mom called. She said she found Allie. I thought, Oh god, she's dead. I asked her where they found her and she said at the pound.

Apparently, mom called the radio station and had them announce that she was missing. Mom got a few calls from people saying they had seen Allie about 2 miles from their house along a busy highway at 8 that morning. Mom told them that it cou
ldn't have been Allie because she doesn't move that well and couldn't have went that far.

Then a cop called. I guess the cop saw her in the same area that the other sightings occured. He got out of his car and yelled at her and he said she just kept walking. Remember she doesn't listen is deaf. He followed her down the busy highway with his flashers off until she went under a parked semi at some kind of trucking place.

It took the cop and three truckers to get her out from under the semi. In the process, she bit one of them but since she only has two or three teeth she didn't break his skin. They were making fun of her because she's so old. The cop took her to the pound because she didn't have a name tag on.

When mom went to the pound to pick her up the guy at the pound said that he would just let mom get her out of the pen. So, I can only imagine the trouble she caused there.

I'm glad she made it home. The day before her episode I went to mom's for lunch and she was pacing around the table the whole time on the hardwood floor. I didn't want my last words to her to be, "I'm going back to work. You're driving m
e fu!@#$g nuts." And no matter how much her and I dislike each other, I know when she goes to doggy heaven, my mom will be sad. I'm not ready for that yet.
I liked up with Mimi @ Living in France for F-Bomb Friday.