I was tagged.

I was tagged by one of my most favoritest bloggers to do this wonderfully awesome Q & A type post. Thanks, Mimi!


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11 Random Things about myself:

1. First of all, I'm not going to follow the rules.
2. Doing the baby's registry was one of the hardest things I've ever done.  So many decisions.  Should the highchair match the kitchen?  Will we have another kid?  Should everything be pink?  It's harder than you would think.
3.  My baby brother moved out of my parent's house this past weekend.  He's 25. 
4.  I think my dad is depressed over him leaving.
5.  My sister quit smoking about two weeks ago.  She's been a mess.  She may be bitchier than me right now. 
6.  My mom got a new sewing machine.  Buttons, Hugs and Stitches is kicking butt and taking names.
7.  I'm glad Button is staying inside my belly but I'm ready for her to be here.  
8.  I'm ready to start remembering things again.  I forgot to certify Matt's GI bill this semester.  Fail.
9.  My favorite band broke up.  The new band that most of them started sucks.  
10.  I've been hot all winter.  I run my fan in my office while everyone else runs a space heater.  I'd like to unplug them.
11. Cereal rocks my world.

Mimi's Questions:

1. What's your favorite color? Pink and teal and purple.
2. Favorite number?  Ummm.... 7.
3. If you could trade bodies with the opposite sex for one day, would you? And why? **snickers**  No way, gross.  Boys are gross.
4. Could you kill someone if you had to to save your life or someone you love?  Most likely.
5. What's your favorite movie that you are embarrassed to admit? I have a hard time watching movies.  I can't stay focused on one show that long.
6. What's worse...cooking dinner or thinking of what to cook?  Thinking of what to cook, for sure.
7. Favorite book?  I like anything by Sophie Kinsella although I haven't had time to read a book that wasn't a school book since the summer.
8. What thing makes you gag?  Mustard, sick.
9. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?  Home to sit on the couch.  That's not too much to ask for.
10. Is your Christmas decor down?  Yes.  We do still need to move our furniture back but Matt won't let me help do it.
11. Would you go to the moon if given the opportunity?  Na, there's nothing there to do.

I'm sorry but I don't have the time, nor the patience to tag 11 people.  If you haven't done this and want to, feel free.  Use the same questions. :)

And I'm going to link up with Talk to Us Tuesday today.  Happy Tuesday!

Hope you are all having a fantastic week!


24 weeks!

I saw this survey on Southern Roots & Combat Boots.  It is different so thought I'd give it a shot.

Is this your first pregnancy?  Well, no.  I lost our little Sprout in July.

When did you find out you were pregnant? Around the beginning of October.  I'm thinking maybe the 6th.

Was it planned? Yes and no.  We had been trying to getting pregnant for about two years.  I lost Sprout about three weeks before I got pregnant.  I wasn't expecting it to happen so quickly.

What was your first reaction? To tell Matt and keep our mouths shut till we knew everything was good.

Who was with you when you found out? Matt was in his bathroom.  I told him and he was like, "How did that happen?"

Who was the first person you told? Matt

How did your parents react? They were happy but I made my mom keep it a secret for almost 3 weeks.  That almost drove her to drink.

How far along are you? 24 weeks today.

What was your first symptom? My boobs hurt.

What is your due date? May 7, 2012

Do you know the sex of the baby? It's a girl.  Bring on the pink!

Have you picked out names? There is one that we have agreed on.  Not sure if that will be her name for sure.  But we are going to keep it a secret. 

How much weight have you gained? I found out Friday I have gained 18 pounds.  The doctor didn't say it was too much so that's a good thing.  I did mention that I've grabbed a cookie on my way back to bed a couple of times in the middle of the night and he said try not to get into a habit of doing that. 

Do you have stretch marks? Only on my boobs.  I've used about a gallon of cocoa butter so far.
Have you felt the baby move? All the time.  She moves a lot during the day and when I lay down to go to bed.  Twice she has woken up and decided it was time to party in the middle of the night.

Have you heard the heartbeat? Yes, several times.  Matt has too.

Home or hospital birth? Hospital for sure.

Natural or medicated birth? MEDICATED.  I made sure to tell the doctor at my last appointment that I will want all the drugs he can give me.  He said, "That's what we have them for."  Whoo who!

Who will be in the delivery room with you? Only my husband, if he can behave.  Anyone else will be escorted out by security.

Will you breastfeed? Oh gawd!  I don't know.  If it works out then it does.  If it doesn't, then I'm not going to force it.

Do you think you'll need a c-section? I have no idea. 

Will you cry when you hold the baby for the first time? I have no idea. Most likely.

What's the first thing you might say to her? Who knows?

Would you let someone videotape the birth? Hell no!  Anyone with a camera will also be escorted out by security.  I don't even want any pictures of my child until she is cleaned up and wearing clothes.

Are you excited about the birth, or scared? Mostly scared to death.  I'll be excited once it is over. 

Best moment this week? Going to the doctor and hearing her heart beating.  Last night, she was kicking me so Matt put his hand on my stomach.  Then she was still.  As soon as he took his had off, she kicked me hard, twice.  She never kicks when his hand is on my stomach.

Hope you all have a great week!


Miss Chloe and the Pups

People keep telling me that once the baby comes I'll basically forget about the pups. Rest assured, I will not.

I'd like to introduce you to my "sister". Miss Chloe. She is my mom's dog. Her and Ozzy used to be lovers.  She is about a year younger than Ozzy.  She has always been a young at heart kinda gal.

She can tear apart any toy in less than 5 minutes.  Her primary mission is to get the squeaker out.

Chloe has the diabetes.  Mom has to give her a shot every morning and night.  She's stayed with us before when mom and dad went out of town and couldn't take her with them.  I can give her her meds too.  

She is even more spoiled than any of my pups.  She let's mom and dad live with her basically.  It's her house.  They just pay the bills for her.

She gets free range of the house while they are at work.  This is her spot of choice:

On the back of the couch.  Whenever I talk to mom, I always ask her, "What's Chloe doing?"  She'll always say, "Laying on the couch."

She loves to play with Mister Vinnie, for awhile.  Her and Ozzy like to take naps together.  And I think she is jealous of Miss Princess because she's pretty too.  Chloe likes to be #1.  

 See, spoiled.

But, she's a good girl. 

Mister Vinnie, he's been pretty good lately.  He's a daddy's boy, of course.  Matt had drill this past weekend.  Poor little Vinnie walked around all weekend kind of in a daze.  Like, a where-is-my-daddy-at daze.  When Matt came home, Vinnie didn't even know who I was.  

Vinnie's favorite thing to do right now besides follow Matt around  is to lay on or near my stomach.   He'll be a good big brother.

Miss Princess had surgery between Christmas and New Year's.  She had a lump on her breast that had to be removed.  The vet said it wasn't cancerous and that they shouldn't come back.  He said it had something to do with us getting her fixed when she was older.

But she did good with the surgery.  She was supposed to take it easy for 3 days but she didn't. 


Ozzy, well he's been Ozzy.  He likes to nap and rough house with his brother.  I don't think he's too pumped about this "baby sister" thing.  He's always been a mommy's boy.

I go to the doctor tomorrow.  I feel the baby kick all the time.  I don't think she sleeps much during the day but she does let me sleep at night, for now. 

Hope you all have a great weekend!