I have spring fever.... bad.

I am more than ready for the weather to be nice and stay nice. I'm ready to go camping. And I'm ready to drink beer by a campfire.

If you are somewhat new to my blog, please click here and check out our sweet camper.

We got our camper for a steal of a price. And we've already got our money's worth of usage out of it.

The one complaint I have about our camper is that the storage areas are limited and some of them are hard to get to.

It's in storage right now, it has been there since November. We went and measured a cabinet in it yesterday.

Under the couch on the right, there is a big storage area. But you have to lift the seat up to get to it. We ordered a cabinet door for it and we're going to cut a hole in the front of the couch deal so that you can get into the storage area without lifting the seat. I wonder if that makes any sense.

We also ordered a cabinet that will be mounted above the dining table.

The new doors will not match the rest of the camper so I'm going to try to talk Matt into painting all the doors before camping season starts. (Officially Easter weekend)

Also, someday I'd like to replace the carpeting and linoleum with laminate flooring.

Mostly, I just want to get it out of storage, cleaned up, and filled with our junk so we can get out of our house for a weekend.

Our little Scamp


Happy Tax Refund!

This year we got a healthy tax return, mostly due to the fact that we both go to school and we pay for mine.

We have been planning on getting a new refrigerator for awhile. We went and picked one out about 2 weeks ago. And let me tell you, picking out a refrigerator is harder than it sounds. I wanted one with a bottom freezer drawer. Our old one has an ice and water dispenser so I really wanted to keep that option. Matt wanted stainless steel. Also, that spot where our refrigerator goes is only so big.

After about an hour of wandering around in the refrigerator section, I decided on one and then changed my mind halfway through ringing it up.

The one we ordered came in yesterday. My daddy help us get it all set up. Here she is: (pictures via my craptastic cell phone camera)

Isn't she pretty?



I love, love, love it. It's so quite and I was pleasantly surprised with how much stuff fits in the freezer.

I sorta wanted to sleep next to it last night.

The old refrigerator when to Matt's home garage. Once the bathroom is done out there, all he'll need to do is take his clothes out there and he could just live in it.



Life is weird. We work hard. We take care of our stuff. We try to get ahead. We go to school. Just when we think this is all enough, life throws a curve ball at us and it doesn't seem to be.

We will make it though.

I've been thinking a lot about friends. I think I only have two friends, besides my husband, that 100%, without a doubt, "get me". I don't see either of them that often because life gets in the way. I guess I should be thankful that I do have these people in my life.

Yesterday was the icing on the cake. I don't really want to go into all the details but it's military related and NOT deployment. Matt's time with the Army is almost up. On one hand, this is good. On the other, it's scary.

I took Friday off work. The plan was to do homework and pull myself out of my funk. I did get some homework done.

I pretty much did homework all weekend.

Matt took me out to eat Sunday. We went to Applebee's. The closest one is like 30 miles away. But that's where I wanted to go because I had been seeing the commercials all weekend. While we were there the lady sitting next to us was bitching about how dry her chicken was. Of course, she said nothing to the server but as soon as the manager asked her how things were she was more than ready to bitch about it. This reminded me how thankful I am that I do not wait tables anymore.

Matt's Mod I class is over. He got an A! It's probably the first A he's gotten since junior high P.E. I'm so proud of him. I can't wait to send his mother a copy of his grades.

As far as my classes go, I got 110% on my first Business Law test. Thank God for dumbasses and curves. I'm getting an A in my formatting class and an A- or B+ in my accounting class. There is still opportunity for bonus in my accounting class though so hopefully I will be able to get an A.

I think this weekend we are going to go out. One of my BFF's should be out with us so maybe I'll be able to get myself together.

I'm ready for sunshine and camping.


Giveaway Winner

Yesterday evening was the end of My Favorite Things Giveaway.

There were over thirty entries in the drawing. Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway. And thanks again to everyone who reads and takes the time to comment on my blog.

I drew a winner the old fashion way.

And the winner is ...............

McDancer at McDancing Through Life! Congrats! Please email your address me at imwatchingairplanes@yahoo.com and I will get everything in the mail soon.

If you don't read her blog, go check it out. She's one of my favorites!

Happy Hump Day!


Facebook Funnies

It's once again time for "Facebook Funnies." Post all the weird, unusual, creepy, or funny statuses that make you go hmmmm! and then link back to here. Just don't use anyone's name, address, school, ect.

Feel free to grab the button.

Here we go...

I FINALLY found a machine at the gym I like... the vending machine!

Well that more or less defeats the purpose of going to the gym.

good grief charlie brown! I leave early for school and I'm gonna be earlier for school than normal and then...chooo choooooo! Fiddlesticks!

I'm not sure why but I found this one hilarious.

time is never waisted when your wasted all the time :)

Maybe if you weren't wasted all the time, you could actually spell wasted. I can't remember who this was but, lord help us all if they have kids.

Skunk mating season starts in February. I HAD to google this. There are so many dead skunks on the road and I needed to know why. FYI mating season for skunk yearlings starts in March. Be on the lookout for dead baby skunks next month. Just thought you'd like to know.

This would explain all the dead skunks and foul smells lately.

Dear lady in front of me with the six screaming kids under the age of 9: You see that box of condoms that mysteriously appeared in your cart? You are welcome.

I hope this is a true story.

[Her dog] learned how to "shake" and "high-five" by watching another dog do it. Do you think if he stares at me long enough while I fold laundry that he'll start helping me out??

Wouldn't that be great! I'd have my pups cleaning the kitchen floor in addition to folding the laundry.

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Our little boy is 1

Today is little Vinnie's 1st birthday. Now I know what all you moms and dads mean about how they grow up so quickly.

The night we brought Vinnie home from the hospital.

He loved toys immediately.

He loves playing outside.

He's quite fond of his big brother.

He loves to take naps with his mommy.

Sometimes he even holds his toy while he sleeps.

He likes to go camping.

He loves the sunshine.
And playing with his brother.

He was a good boy so that Santa wouldn't forget him.

He likes to lay around on the couch.

He likes to party.

Most of all, he loves his daddy. (This is how they sleep every night.)

Vinnie is the only cuddler we have. He's also the biggest ball of energy/nut case we have. I wish he would stay a baby forever.

Happy Birthday Vinnie Paul!

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New blankie

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Matt's acoholic beverage of choice is Crown Royal. Not me, my theory is if it's brown it doesn't go down. Anywho, Matt's been saving Crown Royal bags since for a long time now. When I used to have my shit job, I would keep the bags every now and then.

Around October or November, we decided to make them into a quilt somehow. I talked to Matt's mom about it and she came up with the design. I went and picked out the other materials.

She had the top pieced together by Christmas when we were over and hand quilted it by around the beginning of February. My mom did the binding on the quilt which basically means sewing up the edges.

I'm sure the work my husband has put into this quilt has caused a few fight and a lot of laughs.

This is the very center of the quilt and the only block that is a little different.

I love the points on the quilt and I bought a purple bed skirt. And there is grouchass Ozzy helping me take pictures.

Some more blocks. Don't you love my blurry pictures?

My mommy made the throw pillows. And I just noticed one is upside down.

My mommy made the curtains too. They are the dark color of purple.

And here are all the pups wondering what in the world I'm doing taking pictures of the bed.

I love all the colors. Purple and teal are my favorite colors. And I think the only way Matt will go for purple stuff in the bedroom is if Crown in involved.