New blankie

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Matt's acoholic beverage of choice is Crown Royal. Not me, my theory is if it's brown it doesn't go down. Anywho, Matt's been saving Crown Royal bags since for a long time now. When I used to have my shit job, I would keep the bags every now and then.

Around October or November, we decided to make them into a quilt somehow. I talked to Matt's mom about it and she came up with the design. I went and picked out the other materials.

She had the top pieced together by Christmas when we were over and hand quilted it by around the beginning of February. My mom did the binding on the quilt which basically means sewing up the edges.

I'm sure the work my husband has put into this quilt has caused a few fight and a lot of laughs.

This is the very center of the quilt and the only block that is a little different.

I love the points on the quilt and I bought a purple bed skirt. And there is grouchass Ozzy helping me take pictures.

Some more blocks. Don't you love my blurry pictures?

My mommy made the throw pillows. And I just noticed one is upside down.

My mommy made the curtains too. They are the dark color of purple.

And here are all the pups wondering what in the world I'm doing taking pictures of the bed.

I love all the colors. Purple and teal are my favorite colors. And I think the only way Matt will go for purple stuff in the bedroom is if Crown in involved.


McDancer said...

I love it! Teal and purple are so great together and what a way to compromise and get the hubby to agree to purple in the bedroom.

Ash@Life As Lucy said...

OMG I LOVE IT! in louisiana [where i'm from] crown royal is pretty much what most of us drink! this would be a huge hit back home lol

MiMi said...

I'm laughing but that is really pretty!!! I love it!

Frugalista said...

hubby's dad is all about the crown and has the bags all over his garage. He would love this quilt!! So funny, creative and cute!!!

Los said...

You should send some of these pics to Crown Royal ... they'd probably love to see it ...

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Oh my gosh! Wow, that is some Crown Royal love! It turned out great.

Random Musings said...

Love it! Not sure it would work for us but what a great idea and spread! Its a conversation piece that is for sure!

shortmama said...

Now I want to make one showing my love for Malibu!