Sonogram Update

Little Button weights 5 pounds.  

My due date got pushed up a week.  Not sure if my doctor will go with that or the original. 

Our baby girl has lots of hair.

Her little heart is beating just like it should.

Her little head is no longer too big for her body.

She has her daddy's lips. 

She appears to be bored with being inside my belly.

Hopefully she'll be here in less than 6 weeks.  I'm ready to hold her.


Week 32

I have a sonogram this afternoon and I'm super excited about that.  I thought that I wouldn't be having anymore.  

How far along? 32.57 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: Around 30 pounds.  I'm okay with that.

How big is the baby? 16 Inches and 4 pounds according to my app on my phone.  We'll see what they say today though.

Maternity clothes? Yes. I've even outgrown a couple shirts.  I didn't go too crazy with buying maternity clothes and I'm glad.  I've got enough to get me by.

Sleep: Yeah, uhh... I roll around like a beached whale all night and when I'm not rolling around or standing up because I have a Charlie horse in my calf, I'm peeing.  I've kind of gotten used to not getting any sleep.  At least the pups like to cuddle with me.

Best moment this week: That will probably be this afternoon.  We get to see our baby girl.

Movement:  Yes, she moves all the time.  She likes to keep a foot in my ribs.

Food cravings:  Everything I can't have.

Gender:  Girl.  Daddy's girl to be more specific. 

Labor Signs: Don't want to think about that.

Belly Button in or out? In but Matt calls it a quarter slot because it's starting to stretch out.

Stretch marks?  On my boobs.

What I miss: Being comfortable, cookies, being able to tie my shoe, muffins

What I am looking forward to: Today's sonogram, baby shower in two weeks, and little Button making her entrance into the world.

Weekly Wisdom: Don't sweat the petty stuff.

Current Annoyance:  I'm trying to turn over a new leaf and not let things annoy me.  I've been trying to remember that no matter what at the end of this we are going to have our very own baby girl and it will all be worth it.

And for your viewing pleasure...... my big belly.

Hope you all have a great weekend!