A quickie

Not that kind of quickie you pervs. ;)  A quick blog post.
TGIF!  I thought it was Friday on Wednesday this week.  For me, this week has seemed like two weeks.

First I have two questions.  They could be hypothetical but most likely they are not.  If you were 60 some years old and had to use a walker to get around, would you still go to work merely to drive people nuts?  Also, if your toes were all crooked and nasty would you wear sandles 365 days a year?

This place is really driving me nuts this week.

But anycrookedtoes, it's Friday.  Thank God! 

The camper is loaded.  When Matt gets off work, he's going home hooking it up, grabbing his pup, and heading to the Funny Farm.  No really, that's the name of the campground. 

When I get off work, I'm going home and grabbing the big kids and heading to the Funny Farm.

I'm sneaking away to work a little on Saturday night at the VFW.  I volunteered to wait tables.  Last time I made about $30 in tips.  I don't mind though.

Sunday there is a lawn mower pull (think tractor pull only with lawn mowers) about a mile away from the Funny Farm.  Matt's bringing his lawn mower (which is another post all in itself) and a wagon and pulling me and the beer in the wagon to the lawn mowever pull.  Sound legal, right?  He is not pulling his lawn mower, just showing it off.

Hope you all have a great Memorial Day weekend!  Take some time to remember the real reason for the holiday.


My sexy new stove

Awhile back we got a new refrigerator. We were going to get a stove to match at the same time but the fridge was more than we expected. I ordered the stove and hood Saturday and it came in yesterday.  You can also click here to see more "before" pictures of the kitchen.

It was raining cats and dogs when we got off work so we just said forget it and went home. I cleaned our old stove really good. Which by the way, sucked. I'm going to make sure the new one stays clean.

Then we decided to go get it because the sun was shining.

So we get it home, unload it, take the door off the hinges, and finally get it in the house. It was just the two of us so it was somewhat of a struggle.

We get it out of the box and there is no plug in. I thought for seven hundred and some odd dollars it would surely come with a cord. Nope. Matt had to unwire (apparently that's not a word) the old one and wire it up to the new stove.

Then he took the old hood down and wired up the new one. In the dark. Because according to him, it was probably best that he kill the power to the house. Notice his head light.  Bahaha.

Then tada, she was ready to roll.

I think I'm in love with the stainless steel appliances. Next up, stainless dishwasher. Maybe.


Facebook Garage Sale

Facebook is a strange, strange place.  There is a facebook page for the the county I live in garage sale.  "******* County, IL Garage Sale" 

Some of the stuff on there is hilarious.  One lady wanted to sell a litter box for $5. Some one else was trying to sell some VHS tapes.  One person was trying to sell empty wine bottles.  Another lady has put a big ole heavy camper on there about 100 times.  People are trying to sell kids clothes, purses, couches, ect.  Some people are just trying to advertise their actual garage sale.

Matt sold his three wheeler Tuesday night.  Not on the garage sale page, but in our front yard.  Hallelujah!

I think I'm going to advertise our pool on there.  I mean the pool was kinda a spur of the moment, impulse buy.  It was 110 degrees with like 80% humidity.  But, in reality, we are too busy to take care of a pool.  They need cleaned and chemicals added. Plus our neighbors tree blocks the sun by the time we are home in the evenings.

Last night someone was asking if anyone had any Verizon phones to sell.  I responded back to her.  I started out by saying, "Verizon Phones - I have a whole drawer full of Verizon phones."  We messaged back and forth and I'm selling her a phone for $20.  I only used it for about a month and I hated it because it was slow.  I told her that though.  She's an older lady so a slow phone might not be a bad thing.

I'm going to look in the closet tonight and see what other kind of junk I can get rid of.


Catching up

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I guess I just haven't had much to write about.

This past weekend, one of Matt's cousin's got married. We went to the wedding, reception, and the dance and we had a great time. Normally, big social events aren't my thing. But I had a good time and I only felt like curling up in a ball under a table once, maybe twice.

Sunday, we did absolutely nothing. I think I caught the flu at the wedding. Okay maybe it was the brown bottle flu. But a day spent napping on the couch is a good day, in my opinion.

I went a little crazy on stub hub last week and ordered enough tickets to Cardinal's games to keep Matt happy for the summer. I was going to surprise him with tickets on Fathers' Day but when I was working on catching the brown bottle flu, I told him about it. This year we will be going to a game in June, July, and August.

Our grades were posted this morning. Matt and I both got straight A's this semester. I'm going to send a copy of his grades to his mom. I'm so proud of him, well both of us.

And last but not least, Little Vinnie's baby picture was in the May pet flier at my work. The place I work at is a distributor for pet, lawn and garden, ag supplies, ect. We do a pet flier every month and my little boys picture is on the front of it.

Hope you all have a great week!


Happy Monday!

Saturday morning I got a phone call from the local flower shop. They said they were trying to deliver flowers to my work, which is closed on Saturdays. I told them where we lived and they delivered them to our house.

I thought I took a picture of the card but I guess it didn't say. (I'm still semi smart phone illiterate.) It said something along the lines of Thanks for all you do for our little family. Love, Matt, Ozzy, Princess, and Lil Vinnie

I love them.

The kids and I spend some time on the deck Saturday. Ozzy and Princess sunbathed. And little Vinnie ran around and peed on stuff. I took my Business Law final. I think I did fairly well, but like I said, I'm beyond caring this semester.

Sunday, the pups actually let me sleep in. Matt took me out to lunch. And then we took a nap on the couch.

All in all, it was a great weekend!

Hope everyone had a Happy Mothers' Day!


Checked out

I've been a busy gal lately.  I worked both last Friday and Saturday at the V.  I made more there in two days than I do in my real job in 4 days.  And I got to work with one of my best good friends Saturday night because there was a party in the banquet room.  So between work, homework, and housework things have been pretty hectic for the last week.

I have officially "check out" mentally this semester.  I have one week and three finals to take.  But, I'm done.  Mentally anyway.

I have to get a 26% on my Business Law final to get an A in the class.  The teacher caters to the immature 18 year-olds in my class that only like to show up on test days.  The lowest grade I have gotten on a test is a 109%.  The final is a take home final.  I'm not reading the chapters.  I'm not sprucing up my study guides.  I'm going to wing it.

I need a 55% on my Managerial Accounting final to get an A in that class.  It's an online class so obviously I can use my book on that one.  I may study a little or not.

In my typing-letters-to-imaginary-people class, I think I need to just show up to get an A.  Or get like a 10% or something.

So, therefore, I'm done.  No more reading chapters upon chapters of contract law.  No more figuring cost of goods sold.  And certainly no more writing pretend letters.

I'll have a until a month from tomorrow to rejuvenate my brain before the summer semester starts.  I'm taking an Excel class this summer.  I love Excel.  I excel in Excel.

Hope you all have a great weekend!  I'll be working.  I figure I might as well do it while I still can.