Weekly Post

It seems like I've only been posting something once a week at the most.  I'm such a slacker.  I didn't even get around to posting for Talk to us Tuesday yesterday.  

Not much has really been going on.  Matt and I are both busy with school.  The only night during the week we are home together is Wednesdays.

Last weekend he went camping/four-wheeler riding with my brother and some friends.  I stayed home and did homework and cleaned the house.  Lame.  When did I turn into such a lameass?

Oh well, the pups and I got some snuggle time in. 

Next weekend, we are going camping.  Together.  With the pups.

Speaking of pups, Miss Princess had to go to the V-E-T Saturday and get her S-H-O-T-S.  She's lost more weight.  Which, if you are new around here, is a good thing.

I saw this the other day when I was driving down the road.  If you look closely, you can see a leg hanging out of the back of the truck.  I'm pretty sure it was fake.  I hope it was fake.  But still, who does that?

That's about all I have.  I just wanted you all to know that I'm alive and well (besides a slight head cold) and I have not completely forgotten about my blog.

Hope you all have a great week!


Talk to us Tuesday - Runaway Vinnie

It's Tuesday again.  That means it's time for the best link-up ever, Talk to us Tuesday with Impulsive Addict and Shawn.

I say it's the best ever because there are no rules.  And let's face it, I'm not a rule follower.

This past weekend the hubby had his first drill with the National Guard.  He left Saturday morning at 5:00 am. 

At about 5:15 the pups were all whining that they wanted to go outside.  So I got up and let them out.  I sat on the deck with my head in my hands trying to stay awake while they took care of business.  Princess and Ozzy both kept looking at me.

I open to the door to go back in and Princess and Ozzy run in.  I yell for Vinnie. Nothing.  I yell some more.  Nothing.  He usually comes running.

So I went through the house, to my garage, and turned the outside light on.  I opened the door and immediately notice that the gait is open.  At this point, I'm freaking out.  He's just a little fella and it's a big world outside the fence.

I went wandering around the outside of the fence and then down the alley.  Mind you, I'm in my pajamas, with no bra on, and it's dark outside.  I'm yelling quietly (remember it's about 5:30 at this point).

I went back in the house, found my glasses, flip flops, and car keys.  Then I called Matt to tell him he left the damn gait open.  I didn't yell too much.  Vinnie being missing probably hurt him enough.

Then I get in the car and drive around the block, stopping at every third house and yelling for him.  I drove on the highway too, which is about a block away from our house.  I just knew I was going to find him hit on the road.

So, I drove around the hood for about 10 minutes.  I pulled in the back driveway and went into Matt's garage and turn some more outside lights on.  I yelled one last time and there the little shit was.  Skipping across the road, tail wagging, with a shit eating grin on his face. 

As soon as he was back in our yard, I said, "You get your little ass in that fence right now mister."

Once he was in the fence, I told him, while shaking my finger at him, "You no, no, no runaway ever again.  Mommy was real scared."  He knew I meant business. 

We went back to bed and he wanted to snuggle.  He must have got into something while on his little adventure because he reeked.  I told him he was in big trouble.

But how can I stay mad at a face like this one.....

 I have absolutely no idea why I had to screen print this to get it to upload.  

Happy Tuesday!


Talk to us Tuesday

Today I'm linking up with Impulsive Addict and Shawn for their brand new link-up, "Talk to us Tuesday".  It's the best kind of link-up.  As in, there are NO rules.  Just blog and link up. 

This past weekend we went camping at my grandpas.  It was pretty awesome.  Saturday afternoon, grandpa hooked his horses up to his wagon and took us on a wagon ride.  I may have drank more than 1 or 2 mixed drinks on said wagon ride.

Grandpa let me try to drive them and it was like they were drunk.  They were all over the road.  (I wonder if I could have got a DUI for that.)  Anyways, it didn't last long and we weren't on a road that cars go down. 

Then when we got back, my cousin had shown up and was going to ride his horse.  I thought it would be a great idea for me to go too.  So, I rode one of my uncle's horses.  His name was Cash, like Johnny Cash.  He was well behaved.

But let me tell you, my back, knee, and butt hurt like hell the next day, yesterday, and even a little today.  I don't think being a cowgirl is for me.

So, by the time we got back from riding horses, it was dark, I was drunk, and hadn't ate since breakfast.  I had a bowl of soup and then took the pups to bed with me.  That was around 9:30.

Hey, at least I didn't feel like garbage the next day.

Happy Tuesday!


Hi there, remember me?

Yesterday, someone left me a comment that I need a new blog up.  Ooops.  I politely emailed back that I have been busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest and I would add it to my to my to-do list.

So, here I am.

School, is back in full swing.  That's been keeping me somewhat busy.  After this semester, I think, I'll have 6 classes left to take, to reach my short-term goal.

My new position at work has been keeping me busy.  And this week has been keeping me even busier.  I won't bore you with the details.

Even the pups have been keeping me busy.  Oh speaking of the pups, I updated their page at the top of my blog.  Or click here.

Monday, was our anniversary.  We've been married for 3 years.  Sometimes it seems like 30, sometimes it seems like 3 weeks.  But, I wouldn't trade him for the world.  We didn't do anything special.  But, that's just what I wanted.  Just hung out, took a nap, and watched some TV.

We are going camping this weekend at my grandpa's.  It's getting a little cooler so I'm supposed to bring a crock pot of soup.  Not sure what kind yet.

There is one thing that I've been meaning to share.  I think it's super annoying when people take pictures of themselves in public.  Ask someone to take it for you.  You look dumb.  I guess it especially gets on my nerves when drunk people do it when I'm working at the bar.  In the privacy of your own home, feel free to snap away.  This may offend some of you but at least you'll know there are people like myself who find this annoying. 

So there you have it, my words of wisdom for the day.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!