Hi there, remember me?

Yesterday, someone left me a comment that I need a new blog up.  Ooops.  I politely emailed back that I have been busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest and I would add it to my to my to-do list.

So, here I am.

School, is back in full swing.  That's been keeping me somewhat busy.  After this semester, I think, I'll have 6 classes left to take, to reach my short-term goal.

My new position at work has been keeping me busy.  And this week has been keeping me even busier.  I won't bore you with the details.

Even the pups have been keeping me busy.  Oh speaking of the pups, I updated their page at the top of my blog.  Or click here.

Monday, was our anniversary.  We've been married for 3 years.  Sometimes it seems like 30, sometimes it seems like 3 weeks.  But, I wouldn't trade him for the world.  We didn't do anything special.  But, that's just what I wanted.  Just hung out, took a nap, and watched some TV.

We are going camping this weekend at my grandpa's.  It's getting a little cooler so I'm supposed to bring a crock pot of soup.  Not sure what kind yet.

There is one thing that I've been meaning to share.  I think it's super annoying when people take pictures of themselves in public.  Ask someone to take it for you.  You look dumb.  I guess it especially gets on my nerves when drunk people do it when I'm working at the bar.  In the privacy of your own home, feel free to snap away.  This may offend some of you but at least you'll know there are people like myself who find this annoying. 

So there you have it, my words of wisdom for the day.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


annoyed army wife said...

You are so cute! Of course we remember you! Good luck keeping up with your busy life.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I hate those pictures that people snap of themselves infront of the mirror. I find that soo lame!

Impulsive Addict said...

I agree with Crazy up there. People taking pics of themselves in front of mirrors and then posting on fb drives me TO DRINK!

I've always wanted to be a bartender. I would just spill drinks all night though. I'm a klutz.


Impulsive Addict said...
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