Our Angel

We have been trying to get pregnant for about two years now. 

Two weeks ago today, we found out I was pregnant.

We lost the baby over the weekend.  I was a month along.

I've never known a pain that hurts this much.  The physical pain was horrible.  But the blow to my heart is even worse.

Today, I go to the doctor to make sure I'm "okay".

I'm not sure when I'll blog or comment again right now.

But, now we have an angel.  Sprout, we love you!


New Job

Last Wednesday, one of my bosses approached me and asked me if I would take a certain position within the company I work for if it became available.  It would involve a promotion, raise, and my own office.  I told her I would be.  She said it wasn't a sure thing and it might not happen anytime soon.

The person whose job she was referring to was ole crookedtoes.  The next day, Thursday, I came back from lunch and crookedtoes was shutting her office door and looked mad.  I pretty much knew what had happened.  Our CEO was in the office that day.  It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

Halle freaking lujah!  No more crookedtoes.

Crookedtoes had accumulated 15 years worth of a hoard (no joke) in her office.  She came back in Thursday night and clean it up somewhat and got most of her personal belongings out of there.  My other boss started cleaning out her office the next day.  That afternoon I helped clean and found a shoe box full of pens, markers, and highlighters.  Also, found 4 pairs of earrings, a fingernail, and a day planner from 1997. Seriously.

So Monday, I started my new job.  I do a lot of the stuff I was already doing but I have a lot more responsibility.  And I am able to make more decisions on my own.  

So far, I've been really busy, which is good.  My boss is super smart and very helpful so the transition has been pretty smooth. I can't leave for lunch until 12:30 now (umm... hello, I'd starve by then) so I've been eating at my desk.  

I guess the only downfall is that my computer in my new office sucks.  I recently got a new computer at my cubical with Windows 7 and Office 2010.  It was tuff!  Now I'm back to Windows XP and Office 2003.  And it's so slow I don't even want to mess with getting on the internet while I eat.  But the boss ordered me a new computer so I'll have a pimp setup again soon.

This week has flown by.  And I've looked forward to going to work everyday.

Hope you are all having a great week!



He did it.  Or we did it.  Or something.  Matt reenlisted with the Illinois National Guard.  It was a mutual decision.  

His Reserves contract ended July 13th.  This evening he signed a two year contract with the National Guard.  

His new unit will be in the same town as his Reserves unit was.  But he's hoping to actually get to do his job, which is re-fueling helicopters.  His National Guard unit is an aviation unit so hopefully he will get to do what he likes to do.

99% of our reasoning for the reenlistment was for health insurance.  Yes, either one of us could get health insurance for both of us at our job.  But, it's expensive and practically worthless.  And we'd like to have a family sometime in the next two years.

I guess what worries me the most is he had to sign up for two years.  Originally, he was going to sign a one year extension and then almost certainly wouldn't have had to deploy.  Now he could have to deploy in the next year. 

That's not what I want but things would be different if he deployed again versus last time.  Last time we were not married, so I could not take care of all the things he wanted me to take care of for him.  And he was gone for 15 months.  We missed my birthday and a couple other holidays twice.  This time, it would not be for more than 12 months and we are married, settled down, have a house, ect.

It was something we both put a lot of thought into and what we thought was best for us and our future.


New design

Over the last couple days I've been working with the amazing Brea at Utterly Chaotic Designs to get my new blog design done.  I had a lot of fun watching my vision become reality.

Brea was absolutely awesome to work with.  She was kind, patient, and understanding.  Her prices are more than reasonable.  I definitely recommend her to anyone.

Stop by and check her out sometime.

I haven't had a chance to get all my tabs at the top updated yet, so bear with me.

Here is my new button. If you'd like to grab it, go ahead.  The code is over there. ----->

ANDDDDD..... I got a promotion and a raise last week at work. I start my new job this morning.

I'm behind on blog reading/commenting but I promise I'll catch up this week.


No pictures, no fun

This past weekend Matt and I attended a friend of ours wedding. Thursday evening I texted a friend of mine and asked her if she would take some pictures of us before the wedding. She said yes. I believe I was strapless bra shopping when I texted her.

When I got home the following conversation took place.

Me: "We're going to do something before the wedding, you're probably not going to like it, but I don't want to hear any arguing."

Matt: "What!"

Me: "We're getting our pictures taken before the wedding by *insert friend's name here*.

Matt: "What, no."

Me: "Yes"

Matt: "But we just got our pictures taken."

Me: "Uh no, when."

Matt: "That time we were supposed to wear blue or purple and your mom had your aunt take our pictures."

Me: "That was 2 years ago."

Matt: *Points to pictures on the wall* "What about all those?"

Me: "Those are from our wedding, which was three years ago and the others are our engagement pictures."

Matt: "Do we have to?"

Me: "No pictures, no wedding, which means no beer drinking."

Matt: "Fine"

He was also instructed on the way to get the pictures taken to behave.

The following are the results:

We ended up having a good time at the wedding and we were both fairly well behaved.

Hope you are all having a great week!



So, I have a new addiction.  Remember I wrote about the facebook page for "garage sales" in the county we live in.  I wrote about that here.

The only thing I've bought is a new camping chair for Miss Princess.  Well it was actually one of the mushroom chairs (you know the big fold up circle deals) that came with a "footstool".  She's going to use the "footstool" as her new camping throne.

Someone was looking for old Verizon phones awhile back so I sold two of mine for $40.  That was pretty cool.

But I look at the page everyday sometimes more than once.

Anyscavenger, there is something that really aggravates me. People are always putting pets on there that they don't want anymore, can't have anymore, their moving and can't take them with them, ect.  And with no more compassion than they list their old sofa.

I'd love to just post on there, "People, if you can't give 100% to a pet, don't get one."

There was this one pup that the owner "didn't have time for".  It was a Maltese like Ozzy and had "too much energy".  Puppies have a lot of energy.  I can't stand when people buy a cute little dog as an accessory. 

I'm sorry if this offends you but it's the truth.  Don't get a pet if you don't plan on taking care of it for the next 10-16 years.

And (in my best Bob Barker voice), have your pet spade or neutered.