He did it.  Or we did it.  Or something.  Matt reenlisted with the Illinois National Guard.  It was a mutual decision.  

His Reserves contract ended July 13th.  This evening he signed a two year contract with the National Guard.  

His new unit will be in the same town as his Reserves unit was.  But he's hoping to actually get to do his job, which is re-fueling helicopters.  His National Guard unit is an aviation unit so hopefully he will get to do what he likes to do.

99% of our reasoning for the reenlistment was for health insurance.  Yes, either one of us could get health insurance for both of us at our job.  But, it's expensive and practically worthless.  And we'd like to have a family sometime in the next two years.

I guess what worries me the most is he had to sign up for two years.  Originally, he was going to sign a one year extension and then almost certainly wouldn't have had to deploy.  Now he could have to deploy in the next year. 

That's not what I want but things would be different if he deployed again versus last time.  Last time we were not married, so I could not take care of all the things he wanted me to take care of for him.  And he was gone for 15 months.  We missed my birthday and a couple other holidays twice.  This time, it would not be for more than 12 months and we are married, settled down, have a house, ect.

It was something we both put a lot of thought into and what we thought was best for us and our future.


chambanachik said...

My husband and I are in kind of the same boat with the Guard...a deployment is iffy if he lets his contract run out, but pretty certain if he reenlists. It's a tough choice.

But I think it sounds like you guys are in a good, stable place. Happy for you.

Frugalista said...

The thought of deployment always sucks I know. My hubby is in national guard but my understanding is we only get health insurance when he is activated (deployed). I guess it's different in your state. Well, just hope for the best.

Megan said...

I love your new page! I hope everything works out great for you guys, I am happy to see that you guys are thinking ahead to things. I don't think enough people do that these days!

MiMi said...

Still in love with your new design and I really hope he doesn't get deployed again. :(
But, it will be awesome to have good health insurance. ESPECIALLY if you plan on having a family soon!

MrsMcDancer said...

Sounds like you guys made a good decision based on what you have. Fingers crossed for no deployment!