Why's it have to be so hot?

Yesterday my boss took myself and the department I spend about half my time working for to the Cardinals vs. Phillies game. This is where are seats were. These are by far the best seats I have ever had at a game, as far as the view goes.

It was so freaking hot yesterday. Not just the itshotandimuncomfortable type of heat. It was like the itssohotthatmybeeriswarmbeforeigetbacktomyseatandimmiserableandsweating likeamoose kind of heat. At one point, I think I could feel my brain boiling. I had to make the switch to water around the third inning. Our seats were in the direct sun all day. At one point, the scoreboard said it was 100 degrees. I'm guessing this was minus the head index and minus the fact that it was exceptionally humidy. And we lost.

The boss took us out to eat on the way home and dinner was good, I think. My brain was still fried at that point.

While I was gone yesterday, the boys had to get their haircut. I brought them to my mom's yesterday morning and she took them to the groomer in the afternoon. Then she brought them back to her house so they could run around the yard and play for awhile. She brought them home around 7 last night. And I got home shortly after that. They were tired last night and Vinnie almost slept all night. Don't they look adorable?

Thanks for taking care of our boys yesterday mom! We all love you.

And I'm not going to lie anymore, I miss Matt. I work tonight so at least I'll get a little bit of human interaction.

Hope you all have a great weekend! I'll be busy working, cuddling with the pups, and finishing my mission list.


Star Spangled said...

Yep, yesterday was a scorcher!! I can relate. :P

MiMi said...

Your dogs are ADORABLE!!
I'm convinced that the heat is a conspiracy against me. Cuz I hate heat. I hate the hot. I hate hate it. So every time it's hot it's directly aimed at me and to make me miserable. Either that or I'm getting prepared for after I die and it's a preview of hell. YIKES!!!!

shortmama said...

This is why its nice to have an enclosed stadium to watch baseball like we do! Its air conditioned and lovely!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Oh wow! I don't know if I could have with stood that heat for the game! Glad you had fun though! The dogs look cute!

Jordan Streetman said...

Cute babiessss!!

Kayla Sue said...

I know, the heat has been ridiculous. Thank goodness for AC!!! Adorable pups:)

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I could have sat outside but I do love me some heat! It was hot here but I'll have to get used to some really hot weather once I move to NC! Glad you had fun =)

Jessie said...

You SERIOUSLY had those seats?!!!
You suck :P I've been dying to see a game all summer!