I'm going to be a college freshman AGAIN

Well I'm going back to school. Matt's GI bill will eventually pay for one of us to go back to school, since he doesn't really care about going back I'm going to. I'm taking one night class next semester at the Kluthe Center. I got registered yesterday. I plan on taking one class over the summer also. After that the army should start paying for it and I'll kick it up a notch or two. My major is Business Administration. I'm hoping to get a certificate for that at Lake Land and then get a degree in accounting at EIU. We will see though. I'm pretty excited about everything though. I just hope I don't gain my "Freshman 15" again.

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Sugar Sweet Thoughts said...

First, YAY on you going back to school! G.I. Bill rocks!!! I make enough off of it to be able to just go to school!

2nd... I just found your blog. I looked at people that were following my blog and saw you! I was so surprised - in a GOOD way! Welcome to Bloggerville!