Vinnie's first Christmas

Yesterday I took Vinnie to see Santa. Santa was at the Humane Society here. Vinnie got his picture take with Santa, they emailed me the pics, and I have an ornament of him to pick up Monday.

I think the Humane Society is a great organization. So this was a perfect reason to give them a donation.

I didn't bring either or the other pups because I don't think that's really either of their "thing". Ozzy got his picture taken with Santa once when he was little and he wasn't a fan.

Little Vinnie did a really good job. Even though he's nuts and loves to play, he's my snuggler. He sat real good on Santa's lap. Santa really like him and I think he wanted to keep him.

I did tell Santa that Vinnie tears up all his toys and gets stuffing all over the floor some times. And that he likes to chew on his sister's ear. And that he doesn't like to share toys. Vinnie looked at me like, "Gee mom, you're a snitch."

Here are a few pictures of Vinnie with Santa.