Facebook Statuses

The following are facebook status's I've been collecting for your viewing pleasure. I rarely update my status on there because I don't want people to know my business and I don't want to sound like an idiot. The bold entries are the statuses I found. (Well some are bold. I don't have time to mess around with the formatting all day.) The rest is my commentary. If you all like this I might start doing it regularly. Enjoy!
-- does not know how to make pancakes without an oven

That's odd because I don't know how to make pancakes in the oven.

Two whole days without my baby, this sucks

Cry me an f'ing river. 2 days? She's talking about her boyfriend here. This is also the same girl that posted a status once about not being able to breathe without him. That sounds unhealthy to me.

-- some peep just except any1 on here to b there friend. if i dont know ya, im not exsepting a freind request from u!

Some people can't spell worth a crap either.

-- probably should have used deoderant today. In other news, he probably should have remembered to wear underwear as well. In addition, pants wouldn't have been a bad idea

This one made me laugh.

-- Ok ok my new favorite activity is goin 2 walmart dressed as a lion and hiding n a cupboard and jumpin out when people walk by yelln welcome to narnia

That's just odd.
-- is sleeping until 10 am. please don't try to contact me before then =]
To me, this sounds like she's getting woke up before 10 for sure. Ever heard of turning your phone off or turn it to alarm only.

-- got to work only to discover chicken that had been sitting out all night under the pizza prep table wtf

I wish I knew where she worked so I could never go there again.

-- That's my boys!! 89 yd punt return by Hester!!!

Fooseball.... grrr.
-- Damn...a tough loss at home 23-20... We'll get em next time boys!!
Don't care.
-- Well the cowboys failed to win again ... I'm starting to feel like a cubs fan! :-(
That sounds pretty bad but I still don't care about fooseball.
is sick of hearing about Brett Favre... who cares anyway?

This is all in the same week......
IT'S HUSBANDS WEEK ~If you have a husband who is your best friend, who works
hard to provide for your family, who has been there through thick & thin, who has been a blessing in your life and to whom you are PROUD to be married to, copy & paste this in your status with your wedding date.......
-- A Son will hold your hand for only a little while, but will hold your
heart for a lifetime. It's "SON WEEK"--If you have a son or sons who
makes your life worth living and you are proud of him copy and paste
this to your status. ♥
-- This is I LOVE MY SISTER week. If you have a sister who has made you laugh, wiped your tears, hugged you tight, watched you succeed, saw you fail, cheered you on and kept you strong, copy and paste this into your status. Sisters are a promise that we will have a friend forever!
you have a brother who has made you laugh, punched you, stuckup for
you, drove you crazy, hugged you, watched you succeed, saw youfail,
picked you back up, cheered you on, made you strong. Someone you can't
do without.
-- Today is National Vayda Monkey Day. If you have a Vayda Monkey, or know someone who does, copy and repost this.

So it can be husband, brother, sister, son's week all in the same week? I do kind of like the Vayda Monkey one.

Hope you are all having a great week!


A Marine's Wife! said...

pancakes in an oven..interesting!

but I will say, for some people 2 days is a lot to be without their boyfriend.

Steph said...

Maybe I should clarify, the girl that thinks two days with out her boyfriend sucks, has been deployed. And so has he. Both before they were together.

Goodnight moon said...

Loved this post!!!!! If we all collected our facebook statuses from our pages....we could probably write a book! How funny!

Keep this coming...me likey!

Loved the pancakes in the oven!

Frugalista said...

So funny! Those fb statuses can be pretty hilarious. I post here and there when something exciting happens but I don't feel the need to post about anything and everything. Unlike some people. This is my forum for posting. not FB.

annoyed army wife said...

Wow. I think we're FB friends with some of the same people. I think it's hilarious that people can't spell worth crap anymore.

MiMi said...

I always think less of the people who can't spell. I know that's wrong, but it is what it is. I hate that saying.

The Mrs. said...

Told you, I'd check it out!!

Love'd that post! I would LOVE to do this, but I am afraid that I would offend to many people :) hehe!

Congrats on the win btw! :)

Jessie said...

haha :D

Anonymous said...

These are hilarious! Thanks for posting! =)

♥Miss Brittney♥ said...

haha!! Fb really is hilarious...sometimes the things I read on there amaze me! and that girl needs to get real, I mean 2 days? Give me a break! lol

Nicole *Sailor's Sweetheart* said...

haha these are great! I should try that with mine, I can only imagine what I would come up with from my facebook friends!

Los said...

I HATE the copy and paste posts ... I ignore them all the time ... even if it is something I believe in.

shortmama said...

The spelling....drives me insane!!!

Life of an Army Wife said...

This is great! I love it!


Chas said...

I loved this post!! I cracked up at the walmart status. I don't miss walmarts. Whoever tried to make pancakes in the oven must have been drunk!

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

This had me rolling!!

Jessica said...

YES I'm a fan.. keep doing these! I cannot stand the whole its brother/sister/husband week crap.. but I do enjoy the monkey type ones that make fun of them :)

AbbeyG said...

Haha this is freakin hilarious and you should definitely keep posting these.

Megan said...

I saw your comment on Chas blog and wanted to check out your blog. This is great I think I may just have to give this a try myself if you don't mind me using the diea.