Just a quick update

This weekend was a pretty descent one for me. Friday after work, I went and did a little retail therapy. Saturday morning I cleaned like a mad woman. Saturday evening I worked. Matt did NOT kill a deer this weekend.

Sunday evening, I called the cops on the little neighbor kid again. We bought our house last June. We didn't move in until August. Between June and August a BB hole had appear in front picture window. We finally got the window replaced on Veteran's Day. $800.

The neighbor kid across the street and the another kid that lives behind us and down the alley a little bit run around together. Both of their parents are losers and have been in trouble with Johnny Law before. Well Sunday they were out shooting their BB guns together, after dark, with no parental supervision. So, I called Johnny Law. By the time he showed up, the kids were gone.

But I explained to him what had happened. And that last time I called the law they were there for about 30 seconds and did nothing. This cop was pretty cool and said to call if I saw them out shooting again. I told him not to worry about that, I would. I've never been one for snitching but when our shit gets broke, it's a different story. Not to mention, if one of them shot one of my dogs, I'd come unglued.

Tonight, I'm getting my hair colored black in honor of my holiday spirit this year. Then I have to take a test online.

After tomorrow, I'm off work for 4 days. I'm pretty stoked about that. Although, I do have 6 chapters of Accounting to teach myself before the end of the semester. The teacher moves at a turtle's pace and I need to know the stuff we aren't covering for my next accounting class. Oh and the bookstore won't let me keep my book past the end of the semester.

Happy Tuesday!


MiMi said...

Call me crazy, but I'm getting the feeling that "Happy Tuesday!" was sarcastic...I dunno.
We had a neighbor kid like that. Finally we put up a fake security camera and a sign on the door that said, "Smile Michael, you're on candid camera!"
He came up to pull his shit on us and saw that and never bugged us again. Little asshole.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. I hate crappy neighbor kids. At least you called the cops...I used to just run over their toys. =)

Los said...

I hate it when parents don't bother taking care of their kids ... terrible.

Megan said...

BB guns scare me - I hope those kids learn a lesson soon!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

You should go old school law style on them and get a paint gun and the next time they shoot at your house nail them with some hot pink paint!