Not a happy camper

I am in a very foul mood already this morning. I woke up to my mom saying "Your car is buried and if you want me to bring you to work I am leaving in 5 minutes." 5 minutes? It takes me longer than that to wake up. I told her just to go. So I go to the garage and look out the window to access the situation. Yeah it's buried. I got ready for work in near record time and began to shovel snow from around my car. Then some a-hole comes and plows the locker driveway next door. (There driveway and ours are connected) The owner's deceased father and my dad were really close and attached are driveways to make things easier for both of them. Not only did this a-hole watch me try to dig my little car out of a huge snow pile but he plowed all the snow from their driveway into our driveway. I ended up throwing the snow shovel at the garage and called my daddy crying to come pick me up. I only work two blocks from our house and my dad works in town too so it wasn't a big deal.

I HATE SNOW!!! I HATE LITTLE CARS IN SNOW!!! I LOVE MY DADDY!!! I'm thinking now maybe I should have let Matt get a tractor like he wanted. Then I could have plowed my car out. That would have been tuff!!! I'm supposed to get our taxes done on my lunch but unless I start walking now I don't think that's gonna happen.

Lesson of the day: Little sports cars and a foot of snow don't mix well.

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