My first day of school

I am thinking that this school thing may be a little harder than I had originally aniticipated. I had my first class last night. I am only taking one class, well on top of working two jobs. It is Comp I and I thought it would be no problem. In my class are meatheads, cheerleaders, a church pastor and a girl from Spain. Our teacher, well let me just say that I am going to stay on her good side. I might invest in a box of chocolates for her or she was drinking starbucks so maybe I'll find out what she likes from there. She said to think of her as Napoleon. Great! She informed us that we would be writing 10 papers this semester. TEN. I mean I knew I would have to write some papers but ten. I was thinking 2 or 3 at the most. Not only do I have to write ten essays but I had to write one last night, on the first night. Does this all seem like a little much? My head hurt when I left there. It's not like I don't think I can do this its just that it seems like a lot of work on top of working two jobs. I want to get an A in every class that I take and I'm thinking that may be a challenge. I have to read two chapters out of an english book and some essay before I go back. Thank god next monday is Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday.


Christina said...

Before you know it you'll be back in the groove of things. 10 papers over 16 weeks doesn't sound as bad. But, it's still a lot! G'luck!

Rika said...

My comp 101 was a bunch of members of the Man Haters Club for Single Mothers, one cool biker chick about the same age as my mom, and an ADD dude. Good times. Not.