I am beyond stressed for several reasons. My parents and I are supposed to go to Washington next weekend to see Matt. It is their 30th anniversary and my birthday is next week. They wanted to take a vacation for their anniversary and have never been to see their favorite son-in-law there. Some of Matt's unit is going to Yakima for training on Tuesday. Matt has been told for 3 months that he would not have to go. Yesterday they tell him that he has to go. He threw a fit and hopefully we will find out today if he has to go or not. Grandma is still hanging on by a thread and will die sometime soon. Don't know when. Maybe today, maybe next weekend, maybe next month. So now mom and dad are kinda up in the air about what they should do.

When I booked the flight for the three of us I did not purchase insurance for them because I thought everything will be ok. I highly doubt that American Airlines is gonna give two shits about any of this.

I don't understand why he has to do training. HE IS GETTING OUT. The only thing he needs to train for is how to deal with me on a daily basis and mow the yard and stuff. I doubt he will learn that through the army. So Mr. Big Shot of Matt's unit, you can kiss my big ole butt. I hate you, except for about two minutes on the 1st and 15th.

Oh and also my new phone is a POS. It's an envy 3. Don't get it.

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Dawn said...

AA may help you as he's in the service. That completely sucks and I hope things work out for you.