Mrs. 4.0

I had school last night. My summer class is on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:30 to 9:15. It is called Practical Software Applications. Monday we were informed that we would have a quiz over chapters 1-4, which is like 250 pages. The first four chapters were on computer concepts, outlook, the internet, and Windows XP. It was over just a bunch of terminology. I was busy Tuesday night so I studied a little yesterday at work and a little before my class.

The class seems like it takes forever. Last night we... let me re-phrase that... some people were taught how to minimize, maximize, create files, and whatnot. I did my best to try to not space out. The quiz was online at the end of the class. I got a 100%. Yeah!!!!

Last semester was the first semester in 9 years that I attended college (the grades from 9 years ago don't count, thank god.) I took one class and I got an A so right now I have a 4.0. I would love more than anything to never get anything less than an A. I have been waiting for a letter in the mail from the college saying that I had made the Presidents list but unfortunately after researching yesterday I discovered that I have to take 6 hours a semester to qualify for that or the Deans list. :( Next semster I am taking 2 classes so maybe I'll get my letter then.


Christina said...

You should be proud of your 4.0! That's a big accomplishment - even for one class!

Who's your PSA teacher? I had Mr. Arney. He was pretty easy. I'm in Advanced Software Applications (ASA), now. I can tell already it's gonna be tough!

Mrs R said...

Yes its Mr. Arney. I love his dry sense of humor.

Teresa said...

Yay! Lots of hard work and dedication always pay off even when it seems like you cant take much more lol.