Gotta love the hubby

Matt is still in the mountains doing his training so I didn't know if he had heard about the death of Micheal Jackson.


Me - Did you hear that Micheal Jackson died?
Hubby - Yeah and Sarah Faucet too.
Me - Yep Sarah Faucet too

I can't help but being annoyed about the publicity the whole death of MJ has created. Yes I do feel sad for his kids and family. But that guy was a weirdo. And you would NEVER catch me listening to any of his music unless I was forced to.

Am I glad he died? NO. Am I going to be avoiding listening to the radio or watching MTV? DEFINITELY

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Crazy Shenanigans said...

I feel sorry for Farah. She put on a brave fight for cancer and educated people on a cancer that most people are embarrassed about. They gave her death about 2 hours of media coverage because of MJ.