No more American Airlines for me

Matt left for his training this morning. That means no birthday vacation for me and no anniversary vacation for mom and dad.

American Airlines doesn't give two shits just as I had suspected. We would have to pay $150 per person to change to a different date plus the difference between the airfare. *Note: I bought our tickets three or four months ago. So for us to change the dates to the weekend after 4th of July would be and additional 400 bones a person and the weekend after that would be 350 a person. We originally paid $300 for each ticket.

The only way they would refund us because of the military is if he was being deployed. Uhhhhh.... No thanks!

I'm going to write them a nice edumacated sounding letter when I am in a better state of mind and also send a copy to my congress person. I believe American Airlines has quite the hustle going on. No one ever uses insurance on their tickets when they actually buy it and if you don't buy it then you are screwed.

The only reason that I usually fly American Airlines is because they are the only airlines that have direct flights from StL to Seattle. Now thanks to them I will not be seeing my husband until it is time for him to come home. I'll only need a one way ticket as we will be driving his car across country again and I can get a one way ticket for less than their $150 date switching fee.

American Airlines service is horrible anyway. I have flown Frontier a few times and they are my favorite. They have a mascot for each plane and TV monitors in the headrests. Not to mention, Frontier flights always stop in Denver and the view landing there is beautiful.


Teresa said...

We dont fly AA because they suck too lol. Alaska Air or Delta for us.

I hope you do write them a letter!

(army)Wife said...

And even if you do get the insurance, they still manage to screw you over. I looked into Delta's insurance's fine print when I was buying tickets for our vacation and the reasons they give for military being covered are so out there the chances of any of that stuff happening are pretty slim. And the way they worded it, I'm not even sure deployments were covered.