Mr. Tuff Guy

People keep asking us "What are you going to do when Matt gets out of the Army?" Well its beginning to be a little annoying. People think that since the economy is shit that we will be screwed. Matt and I are both hard workers and I believe that if you are a hardworker then you will be able to make ends meet even if you have to work a shit job or two.

We had a couple of options as far as the hubby getting out of the military or easing out of the military.

1. Matt would have four years inactive duty. Which means no paycheck, no insurance, ect. This would also mean that there would be a strong possibility of him having to go back to war. The hub is a refueler and refuelers are in high demand as far as the war goes. NEXT

2. He could enlist in 3 years with the Army Reserves. He would get a 10k sign on bonus but still be taking the chance of going to war. He would be gone one weekend a month and a couple weeks in the summer.

3. Our last option is for him to sign up for a year and a half with the reserves with no sign on bonus but be NONDEPLOYABLE. He would still be gone one weekend a month and a couple weeks in the summer.

We are going to go with #3. Deployment sucks and there is no way that I or we can put a price tag on Matt's life. He took a chance by going to war once and we have the worst luck gambling so we are not going to take another chance.

Matt was talking last night about having to turn all his crap in before he leaves Ft. Lewis. I asked what he was talking about and he told me a few things. One of which was his flac vest which reminded me of a story of when he was in Iraq.

He didn't really see a whole lot of action which he was in Iraq. (which is great) But once it was afternoon time here so it would have been night time there. We were instant messaging and he told me there were lots of loud noises and shit hitting his roof. The bad guys where outside the base and shooting stuff at them, something with scrapnal (sp?) and what not.

I told him to put his "big heavy vest" on and get under his bed. To which he replied, "If my roomate comes in here and sees me under the bed with my vest on, I'll never hear the end of it."

Its funny now but it definately wasn't then.


Anonymous said...

#3 does sound like the way to go. Hope it all works out OK.

Dawn said...

My brother Jon did the #3 thing too. His time is almost over!