Not me

Is everyone obsessed with losing weight, exercising, and eating like a rabbit? It seems like everyone is unhappy with their body. I hear about it at home, work, school, and in random places like the mall or Wal-Mart.

To me, having arms as big as round as a toothpick is disguisting. Having a butt is cute and having a little extra baggage isn't always a bad thing.

I guess I have never really worried about my weight. If I gain ten pounds in the winter and lose it in the summer then so be it. If I keep it on and then put on another ten the next winter, oh well. And I'm definately not gonna worry about losing any now. If I get prego, I'm gonna gain weight anyway.

I feel just fine the way I am. I also feel very lucky to have a man that loves me just the way I am. He thinks I am sexy and that's all that matters.


Teresa said...

That is great:) A lot of women do feel comfortable too but I think especially being away from your spouse for as long as we are sometimes and being so kept to yourself you are the only one to judge. I know i feel sexy when my hubby is home, but after six + months of him gone it stars to take a negative effect on me. Each to there own lol :)

Random Musings Of My Life said...

Good post.

I am too pretty comfortable in my own skin. I gained 90 pounds when I broke my neck and the hubby says he "never saw the weight" I am trying to lose for myself and my back issues but I have to agree everyone and their mom is on a diet!