Leaving on a jet plane

I'm going to see my hubby this weekend in WA. The weather there is supposed to be beautiful this weekend. Its supposed to be sunny all weekend. Of all the time I have spent there I have maybe witnessed 5 sunny days.

We are going to a Mariners game tomorrow night. It's bobblehead night. So my hubby will have another bobblehead to add to his collection. No other real plans for while I am out there.

I can't wait to get there and see my husband. Words can not describe how great it is to see him after we spend time apart.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.


(army)Wife said...

My mom collects bobbleheads too! She has some really old ones and some really weird ones.

Have a great Memorial Day!

Nikki said...

The weather was beautiful out there last weekend too! I hope it's a repeat! Have a wonderful time there. And enjoy the hubbie =)