Kohl's carts???

The town I live in just got a Kohl's maybe a year or so ago. I waited until it was there at least six months to let the newness wear off before I ventured in there. Before last week, I had probably been there three or four times, always with a particular item in mind that I wanted to buy.

Well this weekend I went in there because I saw a flyer about a sale they had going on. I walked in the door and look around for a cart. I see these playpen looking things on wheels. I thought those must be for people with kids. I keep looking and that is all they have. Then I see people pushing these hideous looking "carts" around.

I was too embarrassed to push such a contraption around. I have been to Kohl's three times since Saturday buying miscellaneous items for our house and have yet to use one of those things.

Maybe this is a good way for me to refrain from spending too much money in one trip.


Christina said...

Haha... they are funny looking. But, they do have a little mesh pouch inside to put your purse and you can hang things in the cart. Works pretty well.

Did you guys get a house? Did I miss a blog post?

Mrs R said...

I might give one a whirl someday but if I can get by without one that would be better. :)