Never again

We had our house warming party this weekend on Saturday and Sunday. A friend of mine made some awesome cakes for us. I don't have my camera with me but I'll put the pics on here later if you would like. She made one that was an anniversary cake and one that looked like our house. I decorated the garage in a red, white, and blue theme, as the party was a welcome home party for Matt too.

Saturday it rained all day. Which wasn't a big deal because there weren't too many people there so we stayed in the garage most of the time. A few (supervised) kids were there but mostly adult relatives and friends. Sunday morning I had to clean the house before more people came over. It was awesome and I was very happy to do so. (sarcasm)

Sunday there were a ton of people over. A few times I started to feel a little anxiety. I don't really like groups of people or being anywhere near the center of attention. Early in the day two families on Matt's showed up and between the two families there were 9 rug rats kids. And shortly after two more boy kids came over with their mom and dad. So that's 11 kids in our newly carpeted house, unsupervised. I never once saw their moms' or dads' go inside and check on them. They quickly found Matt's 1980's Nintendo in his play room and made themselves right at home. This is also the room with his prized antique toy tractors.

I would like to say that it was a great time but it wasn't. It was nice to see our friends and it was ok after I decided just to drink enough that I didn't care about the mess. I swear all I did before I had a buzz from the booze was clean up messes. I mean come on, we had two big trash cans available for use. How hard is it to throw a damn paper plate away? Seriously. And wipe your feet. We have plenty of rugs.

Sunday night before I passed out went to sleep Matt discovered that one of his prized toy tractor accessories was broke in half. Let me just tell you he was pissed off not happy. We might not be having kids after this weekend. I mean the little shits trashed our house.

I owe a big thank you to mom and dad for helping cook and clean all weekend. Most of the mud is out of our brand new carpet. But I was too hungover tired yesterday to vacuum all the carpets and clean the hardwood floors. I hate when the house is not clean. Especially since our stuff is still nice. So tonight I'll get our house back up to our standards before I go to school.

So, moral of the story... never again will we be invited all our relatives and their 57 kids over to our house. The only time we will be invited people over is if they stay in the garage or on the deck and watch their kids.

Don't forget that my 100th post is coming and you can ask me whatever you want and I will answer it in that post. Ask as many as you want. I have two questions now so if you don't ask more it will be a pretty lame post.


Christina said...

I can feel your pain... similar situation at some of our get-togethers. Totally pisses me off when people don't watch their own kids!

Question: What is the biggest obstacle you face returning to college?
Question: Toilet paper - over or under?

Los said...

We struggle inviting friends with kids over for all of those reasons ... unfortunately, most of our friends have kids ... sigh!

Katie said...

good call! You vanished from my reader!

Dawn said...

I despise unsupervised children and the parent's stupidity. As a mother I understand things happen, but when at someone else's house, you better be damn sure they should act like perfect freaking angels.

Anonymous said...

Well, you did invite all of these family members over to see your new home. Also, if your thinking about possibly having children in the future you might want to get used to some of these things. Having a child is no walk in the park. It's a huge responsibility. All of this is called life, sweetie! Get over it...

Steph said...

Anonymous - Yes, we did invite these people over to our house. I just assumed they would be respectful enough, unlike yourself, to show a little common courtesy. I know having a child will not be easy, but my children will behave or they will be punished. They will not be unsupervised when we go places. Please stay away from my blog.