I'm a little bitter

I've been putting off writing about this because I thought once I wrote it, it would be true. But now I know, unfortunately that it is true.

Anyone who knows anything about the military knows that you can ask one person one thing and another person the same thing and get two different answers.

When my hubby was going through his clearing process, he was told more than one that I would be able to go to school on his GI bill. I called/emailed the veteran's advisor at the college I go to numerous times between the time I started school and last week. In the beginning, she gave me enough stuff to do to keep me out of her hair.

I called her again last week and told her that hubby has his DD 214 and we would like to meet with her to transfer his GI bill to me. She informs me that there are some very specific requirement that we must meet. He has to have served 6 years, in some way shape or form, and re-enlist for another 4.

He has served 4 and 1/2 years and is going to be in the reserves for another 1 year and 9 months. So basically after the 1 and 9 months (that he is non-deployable) in the reserves, he would have to re-enlisted for 4 more years (and be deployable). Neither one of us wants him to deploy again. Its not worth it to us. He did his thing.

I thought maybe she was the one who didn't know what she was talking about so I did some research, called some people, met with some people and find out that she was right. I'm not going to school courtesy of the Army anymore.

I just don't understand. He doesn't want to go to school. I do. What's the problem?

I did get to talk to a guy that is located between the old and new courthouse. (Nice guy. Very straight forward and wants to help us.) I told him that Matt had specifically had been told when he was clearing that I could use his GI bill. He said "Well of course they did. They will tell them anything to get them to leave happy."

I believe that.

I also talked to this guy about helping my hubby find a job. A job that pays good. A job that he likes. When he came back, he started working at the job he had before he went to the Army. Not because he liked it but because it was a job that would hire him right away.

He gave me the name and number of another guy who's job is to help veterans find jobs. He works in like three counties and is only here on Mondays.

Yesterday was the first day where Matt told me that he hated the job he has now. It makes me depressed that he hates it. I want him to be happy. If he's not happy, I'm not happy. I like my job. (I'd like it more if I got paid more) And I believe that he deserves to like his.

I thank God everyday that we both have jobs and we are both healthy. (Especially after going to the VA yesterday and seeing how big of a joke that is but that's another story and I'm not going to go there.)

As far as school goes, Matt doesn't want me to quit. I don't want to quit. But there is no way we can qualify for financial aid; we both work and don't have any kids. We aren't interested in student loans. We have a mortgage to pay.

Going to school makes me feel good about myself. It could partially be because I have a 4.0. So I'm doing great in school. I guess I will just take 2 or 3 classes a semester. I wanted to get an Associates in Business and do a tech program for Accounting all at the same school. Like I said, I have a job, a job that I'm not afraid of losing. But I want to have some kind of degree. Because I know I can.

Anyway, sorry this blog is all over the place.


Christina said...

Ok... lots of info in the post. Here goes my comment:
1. I had no idea the rules were so specific about transferring the GI Bill. However, it is understandable to a certain extent. He is the veteran. However, they should have been honest about it right away.
2. One thing I learned after getting out of the AF was that nobody that was in knew what it was like to get out.
3. Keep an eye on Matt. Remember that I had extreme Separation Anxiety after I got out. Even though he and I both counted our days down til we got out, it was/is a huge adjustment. There's no way his current job can fill the void he may be feeling.
4. Hopefully his veteran's guy can land Matt a terrific job! G'luck!
5. Don't quit school. You will find the money somewhere for it. Remember, you quit smoking so there's already a ton of extra cash!

Dawn said...

That blows that what they told you was not the truth. Keep with the school. Student loans rock too. Best of luck!

Katie said...

that is so frustrating, and it is really sad that they tell you one thing and do another. I hope it all gets better... good luck!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I agree with Katie. That sounds so frustrating! I really hope that things can get straightened out and that you can stay in school.

Bridget said...

I feel like Im just repeating what everyone already said but hang in there I am sure everything will work out. Good Luck with everything.

(army)Wife said...

The stuff with the GI Bill is so frustrating! Stonewall went through something similar. He wanted to use his GI Bill and at first it was all, "No problem!" Then when he went to use it it was all, "You can use it, but you have to promise us so many years and you have to do this and that." UGH! It was this whole run around BS, so eventually we were like forget it!

As for student loans...you don't have to pay on them right away. As far as I know, most loans are given to you right away, but you don't start paying on them until you finish your schooling and they don't charge interest during that time either (I think.) Also, once you're done with school you can consolidate at a really low rate. Stonewall consolidated his at 3%. Plus, student loans are looked at as good debt on your credit report and usually don't work agaisnt you. Just some food for thought.

Random Musings Of My Life said...

Oh gotta love the Army...

When my hubby got out he used his GI bill right away and went to school and we are very blessed. Apparently now he can also "cash out" his GI bill as opposed to transfer it? Its not as much money as if it was used for school but it could be used to contribute *(and this is something I heard through the grapevine and I am not sure if its true or not)

And about him hating his job? It took my hubby almost a whole year to find a job. And when he did he hated it. HATED IT. but 7 years later he is doing really great with a bunch of promotions.. but he still misses the Army. Hated it every day he was in, every day he was deployed and has not stopped talking about it since he has gotten out. I think its in their blood, it will always be in their hearts (one of the reasons we love them so much)

And nothing will ever compare to serving their country...

As per the student loans, I would try to apply first before writing them off. There are 100's of grants, loans, scholarships for just this type a thing....

oppps this is a post all in itself..