100th Post! Q & A

Katie @ The Adventures of Katie and Josh

When you were little what did you want to be when you grow up?
When I was little I wanted to be a teacher, just like everyone else. More specifically though, I wanted to be a math teacher. I have always “thought in numbers.”

Jennifer @ Crazy Shenanigans

Where is the one place you never want to live?
Seattle. Hands down. I have spent enough time there visiting Matt to know it is not the place for me. I’m from the Midwest where people say “please” and “thank you” and “you’re welcome.” Seattle is too fast paced for me too. I prefer things quiet. I also love sunshine. I love being able to wear sunglasses. It rains just about every day there and the sky is hardly ever clear.

Christina @ Sugar Sweet Thoughts

What is the biggest obstacle you face returning to college?
The biggest obstacle is trying to do it all at once: be a wife, go to school, and work. The school part isn’t so bad; the hard part is doing my best at all three.

Toilet paper - over or under?
I don’t really care either way. Matt has to have it over. Once he came up to me and told me that I hung the toilet paper wrong. I was picturing it sideways or something but I had put it under and apparently that’s not right.

(army)Wife @ More than an (army)Wife

Do you have any tattoos? If not, what would you get if you were to get a tattoo?
I have three tattoos. A big butterfly tramp stamp (yes, I have one), I have a friend of mine that died initials on my shoulder blade, and my favorite is on the top of my foot. It is seven stars. They are pink, purple, teal, and yellow. If I were to get another tattoo it would be pink lips on my butt cheek. Seriously.

What is your dream job?
What I really want to do is work from home and take care of our future babies. I want to do small business’s accounting on my pink laptop, in my pjs.

If you could buy any car because money didn't matter, what car would you buy?
That’s a tough one. I even did some research. I want one of those crossover things. Like a Rave 4 or an Equinox but I’m not sure what kind. Something that doesn’t look like a mini-van but more like a miniature SUV.
But if I could go tomorrow and buy any vehicle I would buy a truck for Matt. He deserves one and I would be happy driving his car. Maybe we could keep my little sporty car too.

Lola @not all those who wander are lost

What is your favorite memory with your hubby?
This is a tough one too. We have had lots of good memories together. But I would have to say that my favorite was the night he came home from Iraq. The way I felt when I finally got to hug and kiss him again is something I can’t even describe. I have never felt that way before or since then.


Christina said...

Congrats on your 100th post! I'm w/ Matt all the way w/ the tp over - not - under. And I would never want to live in Seattle again. People were so rude. I've been to lots of cities and don't remember people being as rude.

lola said...

Thanks for answering my question! :) I could so go for a job that allowed me to work at home in my pjs too!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Thanks for letting us know you more!

Dawn said...

HH is like Matt. He gets mad at me for hanging the TP wrong. Who cares? Just let me wipe my *ss and move on.

Katie said...

great answers! I'm not very good at math though haha