I'm in the Old Lady Group

At the community college I go to it seems as if most people fall into one of three categories: people 20 and younger, people 40 and old, or single parents. I fall into none of these categories.

Last night in my sociology class we had to get into groups of three for a group project. I sit by this one older lady in my class because she is in my other class and seems like a nice lady. So we decided we would be in a group together. Then the other older lady comes up to us and asks to be in our group. Ok no problem.

After everyone is in a group I kinda look around and there is one group of jocks, one group of preppy girls, one group on kids all from the same town, one group of nerdy girls, and my old lady group.

I mean I'm 28. Not 50. Am I a loser cause I'm in the old lady group? Do the other kids in class think I'm an old lady?

To make things worse old lady #2 in my group wanted to do our group project on the chapter on sex and gender, which involves transgender and hermaphrodites. She would not budge. That is what we are doing ours on. I mean I don't have a problem with it but its not something I wanna stand up and talk about in front of a bunch of 19 year olds.


Katie said...

It's not bad you are int he old lady group, the others didn't sound much better!!

But I agree, i wouldn't want to talk about that in front of 19 year olds haha

Dawn said...

No worries, I'd probably be in the same group with you.

Christina said...

Haha... :-) I'm usually part of the same group. In my Interpersonal Communications class, I'm the oldest. I was flattered yesterday when someone thought I was 22!

Maybe you guys could show a video that better explains or illustrates hermaphrodites! You might have some luck finding a video at the Adult Video store in Edgewood! That would make me LAUGH!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Haha, that subject wouldn't be my choice either to talk about. However, I don't think you should feel like you're old and such. I bet the older woman just wanted to be with the other one and you just happened to be sitting beside her and knew her already.