What's on my iPod?

I love music. Good music. Music that takes talent to make. I play guitar so I can appreciate true talent.

I'm gonna start doing "What's on my iPod" where I will talk about a band that I have been listening to recently. It could be a band that I have liked a long time or a band that I just started listening to or a band that I'm going to see in concert soon. I might do it every week. I might not.

For my first edition of "What's on my iPod" I am featuring Back Porch Mary.

Back Porch Mary is a Texas Country band from Austin, Texas. To read an essay I wrote for school about what exactly Texas Country is click here.

This band puts on amazing show. The guitar player from Back Porch Mary will often kneel and/or play the guitar above his head and behind his back. The bass player plays a stand-up bass during some songs and will even lay on the floor and play his bass.

We first saw them in St. Louis when they opened for Cross Canadian Ragweed. This was the night before Matt had to go back to Iraq after his R & R. This was where we were introduced to them. When we were on our way out of the venue we ran into the guitar player and he was a cool, down-to-earth guy.

Back Porch Mary plays September 26th at the fairgrounds at the Flat Land Jam. Neither hell or high water could keep us from going.

To see a Back Porch Mary video click here.

(Can someone please tell me how to upload a video on here from youtube? Please and thank you)

Stay tuned for the next edition of "What's on my iPod?"

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Crazy Shenanigans said...

I've never heard of them. I'll for sure be checking them out!