Life is Great!!!

Today started off like any normal Friday morning. I was a little late to work but not too bad. It was normal until I checked our online banking.

Let me give you a little background info here. When Matt and I got married we thought he would only be at Ft. Lewis for about 6 months. I didn't want to move there and lose my job and he didn't want to have to get an apartment and leave the barracks. So he never told the Army we were married.

Well then he ended up having to be there an extra 22 weeks, which was like 5 more months. Maybe if we would have know that when we got married I would have moved there or he would have let the barracks while I stayed home but I can't say for sure.

Well when he was doing his paperwork to get the hell out of there he finally told them we were married so that they would start paying him his BAH for the next two months while he is technically just on leave.

So back to this morning. I was checking our online banking and noticed a 5 (five) figure deposit. I called the bank and they said it was from the Army. Matt did some investigating and found out that they had back paid us for BAH for the whole time we were married (11 months). Not only did they back pay us but they back paid us for the rate in the state of Washington, not Illinois. Washington's is about $400 a month more.

Do I feel guilty about this? Hell no. He put his life on the line and we were away from each other for 3 years and had to pay for countless trips back and forth. We have also both worked very hard and saved everything we could while we were apart. Was a surprised? Hell yes. I almost spit my coffee onto the computer screen.

Bye Bye credit card bill that all the traveling and furniture made us rack up.

Bye Bye car payment.

Hello 42" TV that the hubs has been drooling over.

Life is great!!!


Crazy Shenanigans said...

That is soooo great about the money!!!!

Bridget said...

That is so great! I wouldn't feel guilty about anything its not like you knew they were going to give you back pay plus like you said he put his life on the line and was away from you a lot. A big thank you to him and you too for serving our country.

Christina said...

Life sounds sooo grand. :) Enjoy!