Staying Busy... missing my lover

I drove Matt to the airport yesterday for most likely the last time ever. He had to go back to Ft. Lewis and finish his paperwork and hopefully get his DD214. This thing must be printed on gold paper. We need it for practically everything. I need it for financial aid. He needs to try to get a better job. He wants to get veterans license plates and he needs it for that.

It was hard to say good bye like it usually is. I just keep telling myself that this will be the last time until he leaves once in awhile for the Reserves. I miss him. I'm not whining about it because three nights apart doesn't even compare to being in Iraq for fifteen months.

I slept on the couch last night. I don't have anyone to bother or reach the top shelf for me. But I'm going to make the most of the time apart.

My to-do list:

put together Matt's TV stand thinger for in his toy room (or at least try)
put the patio furniture back on the deck (Matt stained it Friday)
Clean all the baseboards
Water all outside plants
Feed the varmints (oh... we named our squirrel Gilbert)
Clean bathroom floors
Clean hardwood floors
Laundry(working on it)
Wash our sheets and pillowcases
Do financial aid stuff online
Resume for my hubs
Resume for me (hey never know when I'll need one)
Paint my nails and toenails

This should keep me busy and keep me from missing him too bad. Well I guess I better get out of my pj's, put my contacts in, and get busy.

Oh and could someone please tell me how to do that strikethrough thing? I would be totally cool if I knew how to.


Bridget said...

If you get that done, come on over to my house it could use all those things on the list too!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Good luck with your list. To strike through you put this before what you want to strike through < s > and then when your done with what you want to strike through just put the same thing but a / before the s.

Also with out the spaces.

Anonymous said...

You are a cleaning maniac! I wish I could be one, but alas...I am not. :)

Troy and Rachel said...

Goodbyes seriously suck. I HATE them, especially when they involve your husband. It doesn't matter if it's when they go to work or when they are deployed....or just gone a week. Good luck with the list! It's funny your doing his resume for him!

Dawn said...

How sad is it that I've been blogging for the last 2 years and didn't know how to do the strikethrough thing until just now? THANKS for asking!