Having Matt home is great!!!

Yesterday I had to go back to work and Matt was home with Ozzy. He's not going back to work for about three weeks. He has to go back to Ft. Lewis on the 15th to sign out or in or something and finish his paperwork. While I was at work he put the rest of his stuff away, dealt with the Direct TV installer, cleaned my car inside and out, vacuumed the carpets, swept, and swifered the hardwood and watered my plants. Oh and cleaned the gutters out.

I had school last night and while I was there he cooked dinner. Today he is going to Wal-Mart. I made him a list. I asked if I needed to write "cheap" in front of everything. I don't believe he is a very good bargain shopper.

I could get used to not having to do everything. He even took the trash out this morning without having to be told to do so.

Last night at school we got our grades and reviewed for the final. My final is Wednesday and as long as I get a 60% on it I will get an A in the class. I'll probably study a little but not too much. After tomorrow I will be done with school for almost 3 weeks so that will be nice. Next summer I don't think I'll be taking any classes. Summer school is not cool.

I am also quitting smoking. Not trying. I'm doing it. I have never tried before because I never wanted to quit. We wanna have a baby and I'm not gonna be smoking when I'm prego. I'm not trying to judge just saying its not for me.

I tried just quitting cold turkey yesterday but that didn't work out so well. But I believe soon (like a week or two), I'll be done. I really want to quit. Its harder than I thought though. I might try the acupuncture thing. I'll keep you all posted and if I start bitching more, that may be why.


Christina said...

If Matt get's all of your household chores done, he is more than welcome to come to my house and do all the same stuff here!

You should be darn proud of your A! Summer school SUCKS - and it's hard and you're getting an A!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

That's great that he's back home! And way to go on the smoking! Good luck!