Grumpy McGrumperson

Quitting smoking sucks!!! Not just a little but a whole lot. I'm doing fairly well. I have been rationing myself cigerettes. 9 Tuesday. 8 Wednesday. 7 Thursday. And 6 today. 5 Tomorrow. 4 Sunday. 3 Monday.... Yeah you get the picture.

The only problem is I am grouchy as hell. Even little things make me mad. I wish I could bitch about work on here but I'm just not that stupid. I'm afraid someone from here would stumble across it and I would get it trouble. If you would like to know how it is pissing me off, email me. I would love to vent.

Ozzy is getting his balls cut off on Tuesday. I feel horrible about that but he is not adjusting well to the move. He is 7 and I think its cruel as hell to do this but if it will help it will be worth it. Its either that or he will be living in the garage.

So... I'm just gonna sit here and chew gum and be grouchy.


Crazy Shenanigans said...

You're doing so good though! A lot of people wouldn't stick to that plan so it's great that you still are!

JennyMac said...

Hang in there....my little brother and his mate both quit at the same time. Grouchy..OH YES but they have both been smoke free for over one year!!!

Christina said...

I recommend a Xanax Cocktail! ;) Hope it gets easier!