Family Pics

Of course the first thing mom wanted to do when Matt came home was get our family pictures taken. We were all told that if we were good she would take us all to the bar and buy us a drink.

The whole family

The girls

The boys

The hubs and I

LP and Ab

Mom and Dad

My seester and I

We got to go to the bar.


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Great pictures!

Bridget said...

Awesome pics. So I have always thought I should know who you are since we live in the same area but couldnt really place it. But my grandparents and your grandparents live very close to each other and one of the girls I work with is good friends with you sister.

Christina said...

LOVE the pix! I especially love the 2nd one of the entire fam and the ones of you and Matt. All of them are fantastic! Who took them?

Sara said...

nice lookin' family!

Los said...

Fantastic pics!