They don't make staplers how they used to.

I have taken on Mama Kat's writing assignment again this week.

I have chosen to write about "They don't make ____ how they used to."

They really don't make staplers how they used to. I got a new stapler at work about a month ago and I haven't had to cuss at it or throw it in the trash yet. Before this stapler I had three staplers. One worked almost every time with three or less pages. Another worked about every other time on three to seven pages. It would also jam up multiple times a day, leading me to cuss and threaten it. Then I also have a heavy duty electric stapler that works every time for 20 or more pages. But the problem with the electric one is that it is across the room and I don't know how to put more staples in it.

Staplers these days are made from plastic. Remember the old metal staplers that worked??? I do vaguely. I think I was in third grade.

This is my new stapler. It says that it is a one finger stapler and will staple up to twenty sheets of paper. We will see. I'm not really a big fan of the green. I'd rather it be pink or purple. But so far it hasn't let me down.


monica said...

I remember those heavy duty staplers made with all metal. They used to work. I wish you luck on this stapler, it looks like it might break anytime, it just looks so fraglie! Sorry. Stopping in from Writers Workshop!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I have the same problem. They're always jamming up and get broken. I hate that!

Jeanette said...

I need one of those!