Navy boys and chain length

I didn't get to go shopping this weekend. My husband was well behaved. I would rather him behave than have nice purses anyway.

I had a busy weekend and once again I am glad it is Monday. I worked Friday and Saturday night. Friday night I went out for a little while after work.

See, my seester went to Hawaii on vacation with some of her friends in March. She met a boy. My sister has never been one to need or have a man. This boy is in the Navy and stationed at Pearl Harbor. He came to the middle of the cornfields to see her this weekend. So Friday night I met up with them. Seester never brought this boy over to meet the family and I'm pretty sure mom is upset about that.

He seems like a nice guy and I'm glad I got to meet him. But if he breaks my seester's heart. I'll be making a trip to Hawaii. He did say he doesn't want to get married... ever. I thought all military guys were all about getting married.

Moving on....

Mommy and Daddy put up a chain length fence in our yard this weekend so now Ozzy can start going to the house with me. He is going to love it.

Everything is falling together nicely at our house. We still have a few things to buy but I want to wait till Matt gets home so he can help pick some stuff out. I'll make sure to post some new pictures soon.

Two weeks from tomorrow I get to go to Seattle, possibly for the last time. (Matt will have to sign out in September, not sure if I'll go with him.) It's bittersweet. Sometimes I love it there and other times I hate it there. I will not miss having to "visit" him there. But I will miss the fact that there is always something to do.

Anywho... have a good Monday!!!

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Crazy Shenanigans said...

I wish my military boy was all about getting married.......