25 Reasons why I love my husband more than anything

He is my hero.
He loves me for me.
He thinks I’m beautiful.
He tells me how proud of me he is.
He knows about stuff that I have no idea about.
He makes me happy just be being there.
He works hard for us.
He is goofy and I think it’s cute.
He tells me when I do a good job.
He knows more about me than ANYONE.
He makes me a better person
He thinks I’m sexy even though I’ve gained probably 20 pounds since we been together.
He tells me I’m his everything.
He has sent me tons of flowers just because.
He is everything to me.
He does not get jealous.
He appreciates me.
He is strong – mentally, physically, and emotionally.
He is mine… all mine.
He loves Ozzy and Ozzy loves him.
He wants to be with me forever.
He misses me.
He wants me to have his babies.
He makes me laugh and smile.
We are the best thing we’ve ever had.


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Aw, that's such a sweet list.

your hubby said...

i thought you said there were 27 reasons???

(army)Wife said...

That's so sweet :)

Dawn said...

that is so sweet.

Anonymous said...
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